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September 01, 2015

Making Headlines

washington post"Once we get into or start using our cellphones, we separate ourselves from the reality of where we are. It’s self-evident: if you’re staring at a phone, you’re not staring at the monitors.”
—Peter Papadakos, professor of anesthesiology, of surgery, of neurology, and of neurosurgery in a shington Post story examining the use of cellphones in the operating room.

usa today“There’s never been a time in history when musicians graduated from music schools and there are just jobs o’ plenty waiting for them. Music is a competitive profession. It’s always been a competitive profession.”
—Jamal Rossi, the Joan and Martin Messinger Dean of the Eastman School of Music, in a USA Today story about the employment challenges musicians face.

the Nation“As dedicated students of literature know, fluency is only the beginning of a never-ending education. The world’s library is vast. There will always be something somewhere that will invite a new kind of attention from even the most experienced reader.”
—Joanna Scott, the Roswell Smith Burrows Professor of English, in a piece appearing in The Nation about the virtues of difficult fiction

US News & World Report“Market timing is a scam. Timing won’t lower expected returns relative to a steady exposure with the same average leverage. But it adds lots of luck, good and bad. You might get it right, and someone always does, and they’re happy to tell you what a genius they are. But you are just as likely to sell too early or get back in too late or too soon.”
—Robert Novy-Marx, the Lori and Alan S. Zekelman Professor of Business Administration at Simon Business School, in a U.S. News and World Report article about market timing.

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