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November 04, 2015

Open enrollment period ends November 15

The annual open enrollment period for the University’s health care plans, dental plans, flexible spending accounts (FSA) and health savings accounts (HSA), and group life insurance for the 2016 calendar year ends Sunday, November 15.

The University will continue to offer two competitive health care plans with premiums below local and national rates: the YOUR PPO Plan and the YOUR HSA-Eligible Plan. Rate sheets and details about each plan for next year’s plans are available at

Aetna and Excellus will continue to serve as the University’s third-party administrators, and employees will continue to have access to Aetna's and Excellus's national "in-network" and "out-of-network" tiers. Accountable Health Partners (AHP), a subset of Aetna's and Excellus's "in-network" providers, will continue as the first tier of a three-tier network. Faculty and staff have the choice to see health providers within the broader Aetna and Excellus national networks – and outside them, as well but anytime they receive care from AHP providers, they will enjoy lower copays, deductibles, and coinsurance. Learn more at

Is any action required?
If you'd like to keep the same same medical plan, no action is required. However, FSA and voluntary HSA elections will not roll over into 2016. If you'd like to participate in those plans, you must complete the open enrollment process even if you're participating in 2015.

The University will provide a one-time contribution to an HSA on January 29 to eligible employees enrolled in the YOUR HSA-Eligible Plan. During open enrollment, if you attest to your eligibility to have an HSA, the University will provide $200 toward an HSA for an employee with single coverage and $400 toward an HSA for an employee with one or more covered dependents.

Need help choosing?
The Benefits Office offers several tools for learning about the University's offerings, including the 2016 Alex tool, an interactive benefits decision-making tool, as well as a new interactive rate calculator to view the cost of different amounts of either group universal life or group optional term life for you and group term life for your dependents. After asking a few questions, Alex will provide a personalized cost comparison of the health and dental plans. Alex will also walk you through a few scenarios to show you how the plans work. You can also use Alex to learn more about life insurance options for you and your eligible dependents. Visit for more information.

Contact the Benefits Office at ASK-URHR (275-8747) or with any questions.

Ready to enroll?
Log into HRMS ( with your NetID by November 15 to make your elections for 2016. You will need to set up Duo access if you plan to make your elections from home or on any computer that's not connected to the University network. More information on Duo is available at

Steps to Complete the 2016 Open Enrollment Process

1. Review your benefits.
  • Utilize the online resources on the Benefits website (, including the Alex tool, an interactive Benefits decision making tool.
  • Log in to the Aetna or Excellus website to review your claims and expenses over the past year.
  • Review your dependents to be sure they will remain eligible in 2016 (see the Benefits website for the eligibility requirements).
  • Read the materials in your open enrollment packet and attend an informational session to get your questions answered.
  • Log in to HRMS (, select the Securian Life link, and review your life insurance coverage and beneficiaries.

2. Choose your plans.
  • Log in to HRMS ( and select the 2016 open enrollment link to make your health, dental , and FSA/HSA elections for 2016.
  • Important: If you do not make a new election, your current health and dental coverage will continue for 2016. However, if you would like to contribute to a tax-advantaged account (HSA, FSA), you must make an election; your 2015 enrollment will not roll over into 2016.
  • From the HRMS homepage, select the Securian Life link to review/update your life insurance beneficiaries and make changes to your coverage.

3. Watch for your confirmation statement in December 2015.

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