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November 04, 2015

Making Headlines

New York Times“These new guidelines provide much better guidance to the clinicians and public of what should be done.”
—Avice O’Connell, professor of imaging sciences, in a New York Times article about the American Cancer Society easing mammogram recommendations

washington post“With improvements, tanks or planes can be cloaked from human observation, car trunks can be made see-through, blind spots can be cloaked to be seen easily, or cloaking can even be used as art or included for architectural effects.”
—Rochester doctoral student Joseph Choi comments in a Washington Post article about cloaking. Last year, Choi and John Howell, professor of physics and astronomy, produced a scalable cloaking device that uses four standard optical lenses to manipulate light waves to hide objects, regardless of the viewer’s perspective.

Publisher's Weekly“The number of original fiction titles published in English translations over the past seven years has risen steadily from 278 in 2008 to 498 last year, although these numbers are still pretty small, given the size of the publishing industry, the steady increase is a positive development.”
—Chad Post, director of Open Letter Books, writes in a Publishers Weekly piece on the best international fiction.

WXXI“It’s a pretty exciting opportunity and certainly a timely and relevant one to be assessing this question as comprehensively as we can with the data that is available.”
—Elaine Hill, assistant professor of public health sciences, in a WXXI News story about her $1.25 million grant to study the health and economic impact on people living where fracking takes place.

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