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February 09, 2016


Harry Reis
Harry Reis

Jane Gatewood
Jane Gatewood

Harry Reis, professor of psychology, has been awarded the 2015 Career Contribution Award by the Society for Personality and Social Psychology. The award honors scholars who have made major theoretical, methodological, or empirical contributions to the fields of social and personality psychology over the course of their career.

Jane Gatewood, associate provost for global engagement, has been named an Association of International Education Administrators Presidential Fellow. The fellowship is a mentorship program for new senior international officers. Gatewood, who leads and manages activities related to the University’s international activities, started in her role at Rochester in 2014.

Kevin Fiscella, nationally recognized for his research on addressing disparities in health care, has been appointed to a Dean’s Professorship in the Department of Family Medicine. A Dean’s Professorship is the highest honor directly bestowed by the dean to a faculty member. They are awarded to a select few distinguished faculty members who have made major research contributions and are accompanied by financial support to enhance their research activities. Fiscella’s research is focused on addressing disparities in health care, including patient-
physician communication.

Ann Dozier has been named chair of the Department of Public Health Sciences. Dozier served as interim chair since July 2014 and formally become chair on January 1, 2016. Over the years, the department expanded its research and educational programs and today consists of four divisions—Epidemiology; Social and Behavioral Sciences; Health Policy and Outcomes Research; and Healthcare Management—with 21 full-time primary faculty and 50 secondary faculty.

Adam Anolik, associate vice president of the Medical Center and chief financial officer of Strong Memorial Hospital and Highland Hospital, has been awarded the Outstanding Community Partner Award from Starbridge for his commitment to supporting people with disabilities. Anolik, who serves on Starbridge’s board of directors, was honored for advancing the organization’s mission of supporting people who have disabilities in their pursuit of education, employment, and successful healthy lives.

Seth Monahan, associate professor of music theory at the Eastman School, has been named the recipient of the Society for Music Theory’s 2015 Emerging Scholar Award. The award recognizes significant contributions to music theory, analy
sis, or history of theory in work published in the prior three years.

David Paul ’16M (MD) is the first Rochester medical student to receive the William and Charlotte Cadbury Award from the National Medical Fellowships and Association of American Medical Colleges. He is being honored for his scientific achievements and his ongoing mentorship of students in the Rochester City School District.

PhD Thesis Defenses

The following PhD thesis defenses and public lectures were scheduled recently:

Lindy McClelland, genetics, “Role of Tis11 in Drosophila Intestinal Stem Cell Function,” December 7. Advisor: Heinrich Jasper

Deborah Hudson, Warner School, “Therapy Integration: Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy with Dialectical Behavior Therapy in the Treatment of Personality Disorders,” December 11. Advisor: Andre Marquis

Ruyuan Zhang, brain and cognitive sciences, “Computational and Psychophysical Mechanism of Brain Plasticity Induced by Perceptual Learning and Action Video Game Play,” December 11. Advisor:­ Duje Tadin

Russell Follett,­ physics, “The Multiple-Beam Two-Plasmon-Decay Instability,” December 11. Advisor:­ Dustin Froula

Maria Abreu-Sepulveda, materials science, “Novel Electrode Materials Based on Perovskites and Pyrochlore Structures for Oxygen Catalysis,” December 11. Advisor: David Quesnel

Rafael Outland, Warner School, “The Meanings and Experiences of Violence among Urban African-American Adolescent Males,” December 14. Advisor: Andre Marquis

Carly Chasin, ­English, “A Loneliness That Can Be Rocked: Maternal Loss, Language, and Unconventional Mothering in Contemporary African American Literature,” December 14. Advisor: Jeffrey Tucker

Seyed Mohammad Mirhosseini Niri, optics, “Quantum Information with Structured Light,” December 14. Advisor: Robert Boyd

Ovunc Kocabas, electrical engineering, “Design and Analysis of Privacy-Preserving Medical Cloud Computing Systems,” December 15. Advisor:­ Tolga Soyata

Bilan Liu, electrical engineering, “Improved Spatial Regression Analy­sis of Diffusion Tensor Imaging for Lesion Detection during Longitudinal Progression of Neurodegenerative Disease in Individual Subjects,” December 16. Advisor: Jianhui Zhong

Daniel Williams, optics, “Window-Integrated Low Concentration Planar Light Guide Solar Concentrators,” December 21. Advisor: Duncan Moore

Amit Chowdhry, statistics, “Missing Data in Meta-Analysis,” January 1. Advisor: Mike McDermott

Yanwei Song, ­electrical engineering, “Energy Efficient Data Movement with Sparse Representation,” January 7. Advisor: Engin Ipek

Karan Mehrotra, ­mechanical engineering, “Nano-mechanics of Optical Structures for High Laser-Damage Threshold Applications,” January 12. Advisor:­ John Lambropoulos

Shihao Xu, biochemistry, “The Impact of Oncogenic Signaling on Metabolic Stress Responses and Human Cytomegalovirus Infection,” January 18. Advisor: Joshua Munger

He Fang, biophysics, “Structural Transition of the Carboxyl-Terminal Domain of Xenopus Linker Histone H1.0,” January 21. Advisor: Jeffrey Hayes

Joseph Lawson, mechanical engineering, “Design and Synthesis of Microscale Opto-Magnetic Trapping Handles,” January 22. Advisor: Rob Clark

Chad McCoy, mechanical engineering, “The Sound Velocity and Grunelsen Parameter of Fused Silica, Periclase, and Polystyrene Shocked to TPa Pressures,” February 5. Advisor: David Meyerhofer.

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