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Asthma device earns innovation award

An asthma-monitoring device developed with the help of Hyekyun Rhee, associate professor at the School of Nursing, was recognized for innovation at the Wearable Technologies conference in January. ADAMM (Automated Device for Asthma Monitoring and Management) was named the best innovation in the Healthcare and Wellness category, and the device’s maker, Health Care Originals Inc., was named Innovator of the Year for 2016.

A lightweight, wearable iOS device, ADAMM records data vital to asthma management. It was based on an earlier prototype developed through collaborative research conducted by Rhee and Mark Bocko, Distinguished Professor and chair of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Partnership to create tissue bank for cancer research

The Medical Center announced a collaboration with Indivumed, a Germany-based company, to establish a bank of human tissues and tumor samples that are preserved and stored for use in cancer research. The Medical Center signed a three-year agreement with Indivumed.

“Collecting and properly preserving human tissue is critically important to cancer research, but it’s difficult to fund and requires a specialized set of skills and expertise to build such a program,” says David Linehan, the Seymour I. Schwartz Professor and chair of the Department of Surgery, and director of clinical operations at the Wilmot Cancer Institute. Linehan will be the supervising investigator for the URMC-Indivumed partnership.

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