University of Rochester Goergen Institute for Data Science

Rochester Center of Excellence in Data Science

The Rochester region and New York state are poised to be a national leader in analyzing and commercializing the limitless uses of data to improve the quality of life and fuel economic growth.

To achieve that goal, New York state recently provided $872,333 for the new Rochester Center of Excellence in Data Science (CoE) to leverage basic research, training and technology development in this field of Big Data to drive regional economic development. The CoE will cooperate on a unified strategy with the broader University of Rochester Institute for Data Science (IDS) to accomplish these objectives.

CoE Overview

The center builds upon University infrastructure and expertise in data science data analytics, and high performance computing, while collaborating with other academic partners, industry, and government agencies, to support the following objectives and strategies: 

  • Research: Generate innovative technologies and methods, while increasing competitive research grants and public-private partnerships
  • Commercialization and Incubation: Drive growth of large and small commercial partners by supporting the commercialization of new products and services, and providing access to business acceleration programs
  • Consultations and Resources: Facilitate access to advanced computing and data visualization facilities, resources, and expertise
  • Education and Training: Increase the pool of well-trained, highly skilled data scientists to meet national demands by supporting formal graduate and undergraduate programs and experiential learning opportunities


The CoE program is administered by NYSTAR within the Department of Economic Development. The program supports high technology projects, through a collaborative approach among the state, academia, private venture capital companies, and other private and public sector parties. The centers differentiate from the Centers for Advanced Technology in their focus and how they leverage of basic research. They were established to encourage rapid development of research discoveries that will lead to new job creation and commercialization of scientific breakthroughs.  

For more information contact 

Scott Steele
Director, Rochester Center of Excellence in Data Science and
Deputy Director, Institute for Data Science
Associate Professor, Public Health Sciences
University of Rochester
Office: (585) 275-0708


The Power of Collaborations

icon of nodes in a network, meant to symbolize collaboration

The University’s commitment to data science will drive economic development and help solve some of the world’s greatest challenges in medicine and health, energy and the environment, economics and politics, and many other areas. Partnerships between the University and industry, academia, and government entities will leverage the strengths of each organization and serve common goals of discovery and innovation.

Through the University’s strong, data-rich academic programs; high-performance computing resources and infrastructure; and multidisciplinary research by top experts in their fields, there are myriad opportunities to work together on the leading edge of this emerging field.