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CoE Distinguished Researchers & Scholars

Generate innovative technologies and methods, while increasing competitive research grants and public-private partnerships

The CoE supports faculty research, particularly collaborative public-private research partnerships spanning several domains, such as developing health care breakthroughs, improving our knowledge of how the brain works, and creating tools and systems to efficiently use data.

The CoE is working to build strategic alliances and business partnerships among the academic, government, and business communities, leveraging University of Rochester expertise. The current CoE Distinguished Researchers include:


Timothy DyeTimothy Dye
Tim Dye is a professor of obstetrics and gynecology and director of biomedical informatics at the Clinical and Translational Science Institute. He is also an anthropologist-epidemiologist specializing in applied public health. His work focuses on improving our understanding of complex maternal and child health problems through the creation and analysis of large integrated datasets. He is also interested in how technological innovation can improve health locally and around the world. Dye has received project funding from national and international organizations, and his work spans more than 20 countries. It also helped establish birth and immunization registries in New York State, which provided a foundation for his interest in integrating genetic, molecular, electronic, and public health information.

Gourab GhoshalGourab Ghoshal

Gourab Ghoshal is an assistant professor of physics and astronomy. He joined Rochester in 2015 from Harvard University. As a statistical physicist who works in the field of complex systems, his research interests include the theory and applications of complex networks as well as nonequilibrium statistical physics, game theory, econophysics, dynamical systems, and the origins of life. Ghoshal is also the editor of a book on complex networks and his work has been published in Nature, Science, and Physical Review Letters.

Thomas HowardThomas Howard

Thomas Howard is an assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering. He is working to develop techniques that identify the formulation of trajectory planning problems directly from unstructured natural language. Recently, he developed a technique that uses probabilistic graphical models trained with a corpus of labeled examples to determine the constraint set that best represents a given command, thereby avoiding computational bottlenecks imposed by search in a state-action space for the most probable path. Howard also directs the Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

Mitchell LovettMitchell J. Lovett

Mitchell Lovett is an associate professor of marketing at the Simon School of Business. He joined the University of Rochester in 2008 after completing his PhD at Duke University, where he was the Sheth Doctoral Consortium Fellow. Lovett’s research interests include quantitative marketing, targeted advertising, advertising content and schedule choices, online and offline word-of-mouth, branding, social media listening, and consumer learning.

Jiebo LuoJiebo Luo

Jiebo Luo is an associate professor of computer science. He works on image understanding and develops systems that automatically label images, videos, and other forms of multimedia. Dedicated to the idea that “every picture tells a story,” Luo mines images from the Internet and then teaches the computer to understand what the image means. By looking at trends associated with these images, researchers can come up with predictions of how various products will sell and even the outcome of political elections.

Rajeev RaizadaRajeev Raizada

Rajeev Raizada is an assistant professor of brain and cognitive sciences. He uses pattern-based fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) analysis in order to understand the way the brain encodes and processes information. Functional magnetic resonance imaging is nonintrusive and provides a safe way to study our brains in action. Raizada’s work is laying a foundation for the day when neuroscientists will use a brain scan to diagnose the underlying causes of learning disabilities such as dyslexia and to detect impairments long before children experience difficulty or, potentially, failure in school.

Huaxia RuiHuaxia Rui

Huaxia Rui is an assistant professor of computers and information systems at the Simon School of Business. His research interests include social media, health IT, and optimal contract design. Rui is currently working on a system called twitter sensor to give consumers even more power to check how well companies are treating their customers based on people’s discussions on Twitter.

CoE Scholars

CoE Scholars are students and fellows working with CoE Distinguished Researchers and other faculty on a broad range of data science related projects. Current and previous CoE Scholars include:

Graduate Students and Fellows

Jacob Arkin, Electrical and Computing Engineering

Michelle Esponda, Biomedical Engineering

Yang Gao, Simon Business School

Surenda Hazarie, Physics & Astronomy

Timothy Kopp, Computer Science

Qiguang Liu, Computer Science

Theodore Marschall, Physics & Astronomy

Michele Meyer, Warner School of Education

Michael Napoli, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Bhoomija Ranjan, Simon Business School

Deidre-Ann Mellissa Reid, Warner School of Education

Young Chol Song, Computer Science

Xixi Wang, Biomedical Engineering

Zhaomin (Tim) Xu, Surgery Research, URMC (Resident)

Jianbo Yuan, Computer Studies

Anis Zaman, Computer Science

Undergraduate Students

Leonard Brown, Data Science

Li-Kai Chi, Data Science

Meghan Corriere, Biology

Tracee Fukunaga, Chemistry

Jahron Marriott, Physics & Astronomy

Erin Muir, Biology

Zhishen Pan, Data Science

Andrew Tarbox, International Relations

Annabel Victor-Halliday

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