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Annual Diversity Conference

2024 Boundless Together: How Do We Move Forward When We Disagree?

October 15, 2024

The annual diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice conference aims to bring together leaders, practitioners, and social justice advocates within the University of Rochester, the Greater Rochester communities, and beyond. The conference offers opportunities for everyone to collaborate, learn, and engage around strategies, implementation, and application of bringing together diverse voices committed to transformative environments when DEIJ is ever-evolving.

This year, the conference endeavors to:

  • Generate meaningful and purposeful conversation around civil discourse, restorative practices, wellness, and DEIJ topics at our schools and in our community;
  • Explore equitable and sustainable compliance practices within higher education that align with DEIJ and our ever-changing world; and
  • Explore pathways forward when there is unrest and discourse within the higher education environment and our community.

All are welcome to attend, including students of all ages from UR and the community, the Greater Rochester community, and UR staff, faculty, and trainees.


Call for Conference Session Proposals

We are currently seeking proposals for our breakout sessions in one of two styles: facilitated discussion or an interactive lecture style presentation; descriptions below. Speakers will present their session twice. Breakout sessions are 75 minutes long and will repeat in the morning and afternoon during the conference. To have your proposal accepted, all presenters and facilitators will need to be available for both sessions.

Facilitated Discussion

  • Small group setting (~8-10 people)
  • Centered around a DEI topic that is well suited to discuss with a group containing varying levels of DEI knowledge
  • Fully interactive (i.e. participants speaking with one another or directly with the facilitator)
  • Focus is on facilitation and should not require PowerPoint slides or other visual aids

Lecture Style Presentation

  • Large group setting (~20-50+ people)
  • Topics may be new to participants and require additional explanations/information
  • Should include at least one interactive component (i.e. participants speaking with one another or directly interacting with the presenter)
  • Focus is on providing education, meeting learning objectives, and engaging audience and will likely include PowerPoint slides or other visual aids

Proposals will be reviewed by the conference committee and members of disciplines connected to your identified conference theme. Reviewers will be looking for strong links to the conference theme, descriptions of interactive elements, and demonstration of facilitation skills and experience from those who submit for small group discussions.

Proposal Requirements

  • Short bio for each presenter/facilitator
  • Description of facilitating experience and style (facilitated discussions only)
  • Curriculum Vitae or resume
  • Preliminary title
  • Abstract
  • Three learning objectives
  • Core questions and/or discussion points (facilitated discussions only)

The deadline to submit a proposal is June 14, 2024 by 4 pm EST. Decisions regarding proposals will be sent by July 17, 2024.

To submit a proposal, please click the form link below.

2024 Boundless Together Session Proposal Form