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2020 Diversity Conference: Equity Across our Communities

March 27, 2020

8:30am-4:30pm, Strong Auditorium

Submit a poster proposal -by Monday Feb 24

This year’s theme is “Equity Across our Communities.”  The conference aims to explore how striving for equity improves the Greater Rochester and University and communities as we aspire to live up to the expectations of “Meliora.”

The selection committee is seeking sessions that are interactive, unique and relevant. We want workshops that help participants connect the stories and experiences of others for their own growth and development. The sessions should explore possibilities for creating equity in the Rochester community by examining challenges, providing actionable skills, encouraging dialogue, and empowering participants to take action.

We want to hear the scholarship, voices, stories and ideas of participants from all backgrounds and lived experiences. It is our goal to create a slate of sessions that address a broad range of equity topics in our lives (as students, employees, and community members) to provide a holistic, intersectional look at how we effect change.

The sub-themes of the conference function as conference tracks to provide continuity for the day’s activities.

Building a stronger University Community/Family

  • How do we live up to the expectations of Meliora?
  • How do we create a genuine sense of belonging on our campuses?
  • How can we make all voices heard and take action to achieve equity?
  • How do we build trust in our community?

Amplifying Greater Rochester Partnerships

  • How can we learn from Rochester’s history of social justice and activism to shape the present and inform the future?
  • How do we construct resilient and sustainable communities?
  • How do we reinvigorate our relationships in the Rochester community?

Thinking Nationally and Globally

  • How has the University of Rochester transformed the region, nation, and world?
  • Embracing a broad definition of research, how has the UR contributed new knowledge to the fields of equity and inclusion?
  • How are our students, faculty, staff, and alumni making a national and global impact on issues of equity and inclusion?
  • American universities historically have a “civic mission” that encourages them to engage their communities, how does the University’s engagement with its civic mission fit within this larger tradition? What can UR learn from other institutions of higher education?

Call for Poster Presentations

The poster submissions should demonstrate personal/professional research or community projects that connect to the conference’s overall theme. All poster proposal submissions are due Monday, February 24, 2020. More information on display requirements, poster content, etc. can be found here.

  • Brief description of the concept of your poster. (100 words or less)
  • Contact Information

  • if any, involved in this poster session or development. Please list their full name & title.


Keynote Address: Access to Higher Education in Western New York:

Community Leaders Respond


Dr. Amalia Z. Dache ’14W,  Assistant Professor of Higher Education and Senior Scholar, University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Candice Lucas, Consultant, Community Leader

Angelica Perez-Delgado, President/CEO at Ibero American Action League

Dr. Mercedes Ramírez Fernández , Vice-President for Equity & Inclusion, Chief Diversity Officer

Moderated by Jamal Holtz ’20, President of the Students’ Association

Keynote speaker Amalia Dache,’14W (PhD) is a nationally recognized scholar whose work looks at disparities in access to higher education, particularly as they relate to a person’s race and physical location within a community. She is currently an assistant professor in the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education, where she continues her work around postcolonial geographic contexts for higher education and the college access experiences of African diasporic students and communities.

In 2019, Dache was awarded the Rockefeller Institute of Government’s Richard P. Nathan Public Policy Fellowship to work with local governments in Rochester and other western New York cities with similar racial and economic demographics. Her project will work to study and publish geographic data on racial, transit, and economic factors inhibiting access to local postsecondary education.

Following the keynote address, Dache will join University and local leaders to discuss the challenges facing access to higher education. The conversation will center around [INSERT LINK TO SUBMIT QUESTION FORM] how can we might amplify regional partnerships and international student pipelines to build a stronger and more diverse University community.