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Workshop Session B

Shaw Ree Chen's Powerpoint B1: Using a Hands-on Interactive Approach to Connect your Ideas with Diverse Group

Presenters shared their experiences in using interactive methods to increase access and engagement to community groups, and outline a framework for developing an interactive event.  Participants had a chance to work with presenters to develop their research and health messages into preliminary interactive programs.

Shaw-Ree Chen
, Assistant Director of the Life Sciences Learning Center
Panel: Cathy Bunce,Liam Casey, and Cody Gardner

BeyonceB2B2:"But Beyonce Can't be Black...She's Hot."

This title illustrates an actual statement from a classroom discussion. This workshop worked to devise effective responses to real-life examples of insensitive, uninformed, and/or offensive statements from classroom and workplace settings.  We discussed and dissected critical incidents and responses, and challenged ourselves to not be shocked into speechlessness but instead to engage in productive conversations.

Ronke Tapp, Assistant Director for Multiculturalism, University Counseling Center

Affinity GroupsB3: Championing Inclusion: Exploring the Role of Affinity Groups in Changing the Conversation

Affinity Groups are an essential component of diversity and inclusion efforts for all organizations. Members of Affinity Groups volunteer their time to sponsor cultural and networking events to engage both the University and Greater Rochester communities. This session was used to join representatives of the University's five Affinity Groups in an interactive discussion to explore the contributions of Affinity Groups in supporting the University's mission of inclusion.

Kristin Hocker,
Organizational Development Specialist, Human Resources Department
African American Network, Latino Professional Alliance, Pride Alliance, Young Leaders @ UR

B4B4: Redefining Inclusivity: Intersectionality and the Black Female Experience

Performance and panel discussion with the cast and production crew of For Colored Girls Who Considered Suicide When The Rainbow Is Enuf written by Ntozake Shange. There were two readings from the play that served as a basis to discuss the black female identity in the new era of diversity.

Makia Green
, Sophomore, McNair Scholar, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Theater.

Respect, Trust, Who's job is it anyway?B5: Respect, Trust- Whose Job is it Anyway?

This session explored how the workplace looks and feels when respect and trust are high, and what it looks and feels like when relationships have eroded into conflict. We began with a group dialogue about your personal experiences with micro-aggressions. Using the analogy of taxes and dividend, we examined the toll and the rewards that are experienced in the absence or the presence of these qualities. Time was allotted for participants to plan and rehearse a respectful response to an actual or simulated conflict situation with the goal of instilling respect and rebuilding trust in the workplace

Kathy Sweetland, University Intercessor
Stanley Byrd, Human Resources Manager-Multicultural Affairs and Inclusion
 Harriette Royer, Trainer and Coach in the Career Management Center at the Simon SchoolB5B5

2012 Diversity Conference: Change the Conversation