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Call for Proposals

4th Annual Diversity Conference
Our Differences, Our Strength

April 12, 2013

The deadline for workshop proposals was Thursday, February 21, 2013


This year’s theme “Our Differences, Our Strength” is intended to explore how diversity can be a source of strength in our academic community.  Differences and similarities exist within the multiple, different identities of the many groups within our university, and we intend to explore where they intersect and overlap.   We will encourage conference attendees to think of ways to: foster innovation through diversity; enhance inclusion practices; and transform points of controversy into positive interactions.
As in previous conferences, we seek to promote open-mindedness, the celebration of diversity and inclusiveness, and the acceptance of others within the University and our local communities.

Conference Tracks:

Presenters are encouraged to focus presentations within the broad themes listed below. Examples of topics are provided within each track.  Please note that  these are only examples.

1. Legal/ Affirmative Action
What should our mission statements say about diversity as a strength in order to prepare for the outcome of Fisher vs. University of Texas case?  How will it impact admissions procedures?  How might it impact faculty hiring?

2. Practicing Inclusiveness
Workshops focused on skills-based training and take-away tools that faculty, staff, or students might apply in their daily lives. This may include leadership training, difficult dialogues, strengths in addressing points of conflict, and other topics related to implementing inclusion to improve the academic climate.

3. Going Global
How do our international community members bring strength and diversity to our community? What are the opportunities and challenges that surround our international student body?  What about international faculty?  How is the university working to build international research partnerships?  How do we engage international cultures to build strength?

4. Celebrating Diversity
Which differences get left out of the conversation? (gender, religion, class, race, ability, LGBTQI, intellectual diversity) How do we negotiate intersectionality of identity and transform these points of controversy into strength and growth? This may include non-traditional workshops like performances.

5. Race in our Community
How is the University working to establish mutual trust and collaborative initiatives with partners in the Rochester community?  How is the University involved with the RACE exhibit and Rochester Initiative for Social Equity (RISE) and Facing Race, Embracing Equity (FR=EE) and other diversity related community initiatives?  How can we leverage these community initiatives to build strength within the university?

Session Guidelines:

• We encourage you to think about framing your proposal to address the conference theme “Our Differences, Our Strength”
• Submissions are open to faculty, students, staff, alumni, groups, or teams that are members of the university community.
• Attendees at the conference will consist of Administration, Faculty, staff, students, alumni, and community members. Please be sure to think about your target audience.
• Creativity is important in presentation style, format and title. Consider that participants will have a wide variety of learning styles. Highly participatory sessions are generally better received.
• Remember to include time for discussion when planning your workshop session.

There are generally between 12-15 workshops selected for this 1 day conference.  Should your proposal be selected, the information provided will be used in our conference program and advertisements. The Conference Planning Committee will review applications. Notification regarding the status of your workshop proposal will be sent to you by Friday, March 8, 2013. All Sessions will be free and open to the public, registration will open in late March.


The deadline for workshop proposals was Thursday, February 21, 2013

Questions should be sent to Maggie Cassie, Office for Faculty Development and Diversity