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Multicultural Calendar

multicultural calendar



Special Notes for Religious Celebrations

BAHA’I: The dates refer to the Baha’i day which begins at sunset on the preceding day and ends at sunset on the date listed.

BUDDHISM: Holy Days are synchronized with the phases of the moon; thus they vary from year to year according to the Gregorian calendar. ***

CHRISTIANITY: Some Holy Days have the same date each year; others vary from year to year.

HINDUISM: The dates change each year, based on the lunar calendar.

ISLAM: The dates are based on actual sightings of the crescent moon. *

JUDAISM: All Jewish holidays begin and end at sundown on the dates listed. **

SIKHISM: The calendar is based on the length of the tropical solar year, instead of the lunar cycle.

 There is no multicultural calendar for 2015.  Please check back in 2016.

Maintained by HR Office of Multicultural Affairs and Inclusion. Please send your comments and suggestions to: Stanley Byrd, HR Manager of Multicultural Affairs & Inclusion.