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2005 News Archive

Coming Out of the Catholic Closet
...professor of religious studies at Our Lady of the Lake University, in Texas, says there is "no visibility or support" for gay or lesbian faculty members on her campus. And yet she wouldn't want to be anywhere else. "I want to teach ...
(The Chronicle for Higher Education, 12.09.05)

Why Are 90 Percent of College Faculty Still White?
Harvard University announced a $50-million initiative in May to make faculty more diverse...
(Diverse Issues in Higher Education, 11.17.05)

Meliora Weekend Celebrating Diversity, Celebrating Each Other
Photo essay from this year's Meliora Weekend events, including the first-ever all-class reunion for Rochester's more than 5,000 multicultural alumni. (No longer available)
(November 2005)

What's the Meaning of "Inclusion"?
(by Stanley Byrd, human resources manager for multicultural affairs and inclusion.
(September 2005)

RochesterWorks Names University "Employer of the Month"
(July 2005)

Race and Diversity Practices for the Post-'Grutter' Era
(The Chronicle for Higher Education, 05.27.05)

The Present and Future of Black Studies
...for example, by Robin Wilson's reiteration of a deep-seated but erroneous notion that black studies was, and is, only for black students and only taught by black scholars. In fact, here at Wisconsin, most of our students are European-Americans, ...
(The Chronicle for Higher Education, 05.27.05)

Class-Rank Plan Faces Trouble in Texas
...35 percent of Texas high-school graduates the same year, according to the Texas Education Agency. There was a similar disparity for black students, who made up 5 percent of the top-10-percent enrollees, but 13.6 percent of high-school ...
(The Chronicle for Higher Education, 04.22.05)

Rochester Launches Dialogue on Diversity in Nursing
(Posted 04.18.05)

Stanley Byrd Named HR Manager with Focus on Diversity
(Posted 03.08.05)

A Mind of His Own
...the case," he says. (A 2004 study by the Education Trust, a nonprofit research and advocacy group, found that the graduation rate for black students lags 10 percentage points behind that for white students.) Black students face extra ...  
(The Chronicle for Higher Education, 02.18.05)

A New Route to Racial Diversity
....groups over its minority enrollment, and nearly every segment of the university has been enlisted in an all-out effort to get more black and Hispanic students to come here. Most selective colleges feel pressure to become more racially ...
(The Chronicle for Higher Education, 01.08.05)

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