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Below are links to a series of diversity-related reports issued by the University.

The University has released its 2018 reports on Diversity and Inclusion, Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response, and College Bias-Related Incidents to provide more transparency about issues of diversity, discrimination, and sexual misconduct. It’s the first time the reports have been released together, online, and in an easy-to-navigate digital format. Print-ready PDFs are available for download

2018 Diversity and Inclusion Report

In the past year the University of Rochester has taken a number of important steps to expand on our diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. As such, this annual Diversity and Inclusion Report has a broader focus than in previous years.


2017-2018 Report on Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response

The University is committed to providing a safe environment to work, learn, live, and socialize together without fear of sexual assault, harassment, or discrimination. The purpose of this report, released publicly for the first time, is to educate the University community about what the University does to prevent sexual misconduct and how the University detects and responds to reports of it. The Title IX Office is a resource for all members of the University community; however, this report primarily focuses on students’ experiences with the office.



The College: 2016–2018 Bias-Related Incident Report

This is the College’s first public report on bias-related incidents since a reporting system launched in 2016. It covers two academic years: 2016–2017 and 2017–2018; moving forward, the College will provide annual reports on the status of bias-related incidents on campus.




Other Reports

Diversity Engagement Survey (2016)

Presidential Commission on Race and Diversity (2016)

The Commission conducted a comprehensive review of University policies and procedures with respect to race and diversity and issued a final report in October 2016.

Focus Groups on Faculty Promotion Memorandum (2015)

COACHE Report (2013)

Mentoring Report (2010)

Listening Tour Report (2009)

In an effort to increase diversity efforts at the University, the Listening Tour provided insight as to what steps were needed to make the University a more diverse environment.

Task Force on Faculty Diversity and Inclusiveness Report (2006)