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ICL Fellowship Guidelines and Application

Click here to download this Program Description and Application Details for Reference as you prepare to submit online.

Each application should include:

  1. Project Proposal: A 4 page description of the proposed project to be completed as part of the program (see guidelines below)
  2. Personal Statement explaining your career path and description of how the ICL Fellowship fits into your career path. (brief- not more than 2 pages)
  3. Budget for the $4,000 research support for each of the two years of the fellowship. This should be a detailed itemized budget for each year and may include travel to a relevant conference or national meeting.
  4. Curriculum vitae or resume highlighting diversity and inclusion contributions and leadership roles.
  5. Three letters of support
    (Can be submitted by applicant in pdf format, or e-mailed directly to Maggie Cousin)

a) Supervisor, Dean, or Department Chair (recommendation and attestation of 10% release time)
*The Supervisor or Department Chair acknowledges that the fellow will be released from 10% FTE of current duties in order to devote that time to the Fellowship program for the duration of the project. $8,000 in combined salary and benefits is awarded each fellow as departmental budget relief.

b) Peer letter assessing passion and commitment to diversity, inclusion, and leadership.

c) Proposed mentor: Mentors should comment on their own qualifications, and (as appropriate) anticipated challenges for the mentee and how they will be overcome, any need for the mentee to seek additional expertise, and proposed frequency and content of mentoring meetings.
Note: If the Supervisor/Dean/Dept. chair will be the mentor then only 2 letters of support are required, but the Supervisor/Dean/Dept. chair letter should include discussion of mentorship.

Guidelines for Project Proposal

Use this outline as a guide for your project description. Please limit the narrative to four pages, double spaced, with 12-point font and no appendices. The project should be feasible to complete and present within the 2-year time-frame of the program. There should be a robust plan for evaluation of the impact of the program.  Dr. Vivian Lewis and Maggie Cousin are available to discuss –and help applicants refine –proposals prior to applying, and to help potential fellows identify a mentor.

  1. Introduction
    1. Aims (Goals) of the Project: (~100 words) The desired end result of the project, such as a specific change you hope to achieve.
    2. Background: Describe why the project should be undertaken. Provide a brief description of any other efforts to address the issues at UR or at peer institutions. What is the need or deficiency that should be corrected? In what ways is it novel or innovative? (~300 words)
  2. Plans
    1. Population: What group(s) will be served, studied, and/or impacted? How might it affect or be relevant to other learners or populations? (~200 words)
    2. Methods: Please provide a detailed description of the program, intervention or research project.  What challenges do you anticipate and how will they be addressed? What material resources (funds, equipment) will you need? How could the project be sustained after your fellowship ends?  (~300 words)
    3. Timeline: Please outline a schedule of dates for completion of various stages of the project. (~100 words)
  3. Mentoring: Who will be your mentor? What qualifications do they have? What expertise or skills that you need cannot be provided by your mentor? How frequently will you meet? (~300 words)
  4. Evaluation Plan: How will the outcomes of the project be assessed? What impact will the project have locally? At the University? In the Rochester community? This section is critical; evaluation methods should be described in detail. (~300 words)

Please complete the application below (including attaching all documents described above) and direct any questions to Maggie Cousin at

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Monday, March 19, 2018

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Monday, March 19, 2018