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ICL Fellowship FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Does my mentor have to be within the University?
No- please choose the best mentor for your project.

2) Can I apply if the project is already part of my job description?
Maybe, but you would need to make the case for why this fellowship would allow you to implement the project, better, faster, more completely, and how this wouldn’t happen if you continue to pursue it in your current role.

3) Can I use this to amplify something I’ve already been doing on a volunteer basis?
Yes, but please make the case about how this fellowship will allow you to implement the project, better, faster, more completely.

4) Does my project have to be focused on faculty or staff?
No, your project can focus on any population that is part of the UR community, but the goal is to have an impact on the UR community.  Only staff and faculty are eligible for the fellowship.

5) Can this be a group/team project?
While your project can include other colleagues, this program is designed for individual professional development.  One person would need to apply as the lead to your group project, and that person would be the fellow.

6) How do I plan a budget for the proposal if I don’t know how things will play out?
For the application, please make a best guess or an estimate of how you might spend the $4,000 project funding.  For example, this may be used to pay for a statistician or secretarial work and therefore you’d calculate the number of hours and estimated cost to hire that person.  Another example may be that you want to visit peer schools, or attend a conference- please estimate the costs for travel and any relevant registration fees or hotels this travel may require.  Also note, this is $4,000 for each year of the fellowship, so please detail how you would spend the money in each year.

7) Do I need to detail how my department/unit will spend the other part of the stipend?
No, this should be covered by the letter of support from your supervisor.

8) How will the applications be reviewed and who will select the first cohort of 6 fellows?
The ICL Fellowship Advisory Board will meet to determine our first cohort

Vivian Lewis, MD Vice Provost for Faculty Development and Diversity and ICL Fellowship Director
Maggie H. Kearney, PhD, RN, FAAN, Vice Provost and University Dean for Graduate Studies
Jane Gatewood, PhD, Vice Provost for Global Engagement
Kit Miller, Director of the M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence
Kevin Beckford, Director of Staff Diversity and Inclusion
Stuart Jordon, PhD Faculty Director, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning
Cheryl M. Kodjo, MD, MPH., Associate Dean/Student Advising at the school for Medicine and Dentistry, and Associate Professor – Department of Pediatrics, and Dean’s Teaching Fellow Alumna

9) When should I approach my supervisor and mentor?
As you are developing your project proposal, please begin conversations with your supervisor/chair and mentor so that they can help you frame the proposal in a way that is beneficial to both you and your department. This effort was discussed in the University Management Team and leadership has been asked to encourage their people to participate.

10) What if I don’t have a mentor?
Vivian Lewis and Maggie Cousin are happy to meet with you individually to brainstorm about your project and potential mentors. Please contact Christine Federation ( to make an appointment.

11) How do I apply and what is the application deadline?
The application is online and the deadline is Monday, March 19, 2018.