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Emerging Leaders

For University staff and faculty who are interested in professional development and leadership to be valued and integrated into all aspects and levels of the University of Rochester.

*Note: In an effort to be more inclusive, in 2018 we rebranded the Young Leaders @UR group as Emerging Leaders.

COVID-19 Update

Emerging Leaders Suggested Resources for Your Time at Home

Mission Statement

  • To support the growth and development of University staff and faculty
  • To increase the capacity of mid-level professionals of all ages within the University community to strengthen workplace effectiveness, enhance leadership abilities, and achieve career growth and success within the University through professional development initiatives
  • To strengthen the relationship between and collaborate with other professional development organizations in the Rochester community


General Membership

Membership in the Emerging Leaders @ UR is open to all staff and faculty of the University of Rochester. Events and programming generally target the mid-level and early career professional population, but are open to the entire University community. Members of the University community can register themselves as affiliates of the Emerging Leaders @ UR by submitting a form online. No prospective affiliate shall be refused membership based on their sex, gender, religion, age, race, or creed. All affiliates will have the opportunity to hold office and serve on committees, receive resource materials, and attend Emerging Leaders @ UR special events.

Emerging Leaders at UR Membership Form

Membership Form for Emerging Leaders @UR
  • Submitting your e-mail address will add you to our listserv. You will be updated on up-coming events and learn about Emerging Leaders @ UR participation.

Strategic Intent

  • Connect staff and faculty across the entire University footprint to build professional connections and share knowledge
  • Increase the visibility and accessibility of professional development and leadership initiatives provided by the University community
  • Support the mission, vision, and values of the University through innovative relationships with organizations and groups throughout our institution


  • Assist in developing, creating, and implementing quality professional development events for the University of Rochester community
  • Increase group membership and active participation (i.e. volunteers for committees, events, and meetings)
  • Network and collaborate with local professional development groups
  • Create opportunities for Emerging Leaders to share their voice in regard to decisions made at the University

Board Members and Executive Champion


Libby Reitz
Josh Jacobs

Executive Board

Michelle Bopp-Smith
Lindsey Chamberlain
Allyson Fess
Michael Fisher
Sarah Mossey
Margaret Parisi
Chelsea Rybak
Phil Sennett
Sasha Tulgan
Marisa Wilson

Community Liaison

Joseph Sayre

Executive Champion

Elizabeth Stauderman


Executive Champion Role

  • Be a pillar of support for the Emerging Leaders @ UR
  • Provide Executive review for problem resolution (as appropriate)
  • Serve as an advocate for Emerging Leaders @ UR
  • Interface with employees and University resource group leadership


  • Responsible for overall operations and strategic development of the organization
  • Facilitation of Executive Board and general membership meetings, ultimate collation of meeting agenda and reporting mechanisms
  • Act as liaison to the Office of Staff Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, the Office for Faculty Development and Diversity, and with the University community as a whole

Board Members

  • To support and create professional development and networking opportunities for Emerging Leaders @ UR within the University community
  • To increase awareness of professional development-based programs or professional development opportunities
  • To support and create opportunities for Emerging Leaders @ UR in the community
  • To communicate about Emerging Leaders @ UR by the use of public contacts, potential newsletter activity, and diversity awareness activities
  • To maintain member relations, help grow the membership, and maintain accurate membership, activity and policy records
  • To help coordinate at least one event per year
  • Duties not limited to above


General membership meetings will be held at least once a year. The location and time may differ, depending on availability of conference space and general consensus on meeting times. Any general member can submit agenda items to be included in the next meeting.

The Executive Board may call executive meetings as needed and limit attendance to itself and to those individuals it chooses to invite. Communication on the meeting venue and agenda items shall originate with the co-chairs and be sent electronically to the appropriate e-mail distribution list. Meetings shall be facilitated by the Chair and or Vice-Chair, Guest Speakers, or other Committee members. Minutes will be taken by the co-chairs or a designee. Executive Board will hold at minimum one meeting every other month.

Amendments to the Bylaws

Revisions and amendments to these bylaws may be made by a two-thirds vote of the Executive Board. Copies of the proposed amendment shall be sent to each board member along with the notice of the meeting at least fifteen (15) days prior to the meeting date. If an action under a proposed amendment would be greater in scope than the proposed amendment of which the Board received notice, it may not be acted upon at such a meeting, and a new meeting must be called for this purpose. An affirmative vote of two-thirds of the board members present and voting shall be necessary to adopt any amendment or modification to these bylaws. Once changes have been adopted they can be found on the Emerging Leaders @ UR website.


The Emerging Leaders @ UR may be dissolved by an affirmative vote of seventy-five percent (75%) of the Executive Board membership, with the option to be reestablished under the same guidelines or modified if necessary at any given time.