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Training Resources

Want to learn more about harassment and discrimination?


Faculty and Staff

You can access free online training programs through the University's insurer, United Educators available through the MyPath system. Covered topics include, but are not limited to: recognizing, preventing and appropriately responding to reports of harassment and discrimination, compliance with laws related to sexual misconduct and information about working with minors.

If you are interested in participating in one of these online courses (either individually or as a department or area), please send an e-mail to for login instructions.


There are many resources within the University that can provide training related to issues of harassment and discrimination. The appropriate person or office to provide training that meets your needs will vary depending upon your specific questions/concerns.

If you are interested in the University's responsibilities for addressing issues of harassment and discrimination, please contact Morgan Levy, Title IX Coordinator and Manager of University Student Services Coordination, at

To learn more about the impact of harassment and discrimination on a person's physical or mental health, the Health Promotion Office in University Health Service is a great resource.

The University Intercessors can also serve as a resource on this important topic.

In-person training not what you are looking for? You can access a free online training program through the University's insurer, United Educators entitled Lasting Choices: Protecting our campus from sexual assault. To access this program you need to send an e-mail to to get the access instructions.