In 2013, the George Eastman Circle launched a scholarship program. Members can establish scholarships to help students in the schools they care about most by committing at least $5,000 annually for a minimum of five years.

George Eastman Scholarships have been established by and/or named for:

Jeff and Joan Beal

Berdon Family

Morris Birnbaum

Professor Emerita Lynn Blakeslee

Steve Bramson and Ruth Oroshnik

CSG Young Musician’s George Eastman Circle Scholarship

Frederic Cooper and Ruth Mannes

John and Jeanine Cushman

Charles Dowd

Dr. Elizabeth Downing

Edgeworth Economics George Eastman Fellowship/Scholarship

Andrew Eiseman

Janet E. and Thomas A. Fink

Roger Mills Gilbert ’80 M (MD)

Michael C. Glover ’59E, ’63E (MM)

Robert Glowacky and Janney Wilson

Charles T. and Margaret Goodhue Composition Scholarship in Honor of Samuel Adler

Dr. Steven Grinspoon

Steven B. Haas ’81, ’85M (MAS), ’85M (MD) and Dorian Brown

Paul and Elaine Horn

Pramit S. Jhaveri

Johnson Family

Lawrence Katz

Kelly Family

Joseph G. and Pat Murray Kelly Voice GEC Scholarship in Memory of Sister Edwina Butler MM’52

Sidney W. Killmer

Alan “Buz” Kohan and Rhea Kohan

Michael and Susan Lyle

Richard E. Maybaum

Sandy and Suzanne Mayer

Daniel McIntosh and Patricia A. Parsons

Robert A. Milne ’86 and Erin Ringham

Dr. Robert Montgomery

Jim and Janet Morris

Maurita E. Murphy Marx ’76

Sara E. Nainzadeh ’99

Sarah and Harish Nataraj

James ’74S (MBA) and Deborah Norton

Mitchell S. Nussbaum ’90 and Caroline G. Nussbaum

Sharon A. O’Connor

Jim Oschmann

Lizette M. Perez-Deisboeck ’87

Dorothy Peterson

Robert Ramsey

Nina & Adelbert Whitney Ransom

Daniel & Nancy Robbins

Roman Family

Thomas and Ellen Rusling

Alice Gosnell Sanford

Dr. John C. Santos ’65M (MD)

Maureen E. Schild

Elizabeth F. Schultz

Melanie & David ’89 Schwartz

Philip and Karen Selwyn

Patti and Richard Shlansky-Goldberg

Gilbert Simon ’62M (MD)

South Florida Alumnus George Eastman Scholarship

Dr. Joseph B. and Mildred-Jeanne W. Stulberg

Susie Truesdell and Stephen Gates

David and Lori Uhazie

Dr. Li-Hsien Wang and Mrs. Sharon Yen

Weiss Family

Phyllis Vollert Wettermann

Robert and Patricia Whorf

Dr. Susan E. Wiegers and Dr. Barry J. Goldstein

H. Robert Williams

WinTwin Global Capital

The Wood Family

Anonymous (3)