Navin Ram ’95

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Navin Ram ’95


“Giving is an attitude,” said Navin Ram, who credits his father’s charitable disposition, in part, for his own generous nature. “It’s not about an amount. You give what you can to help make a difference.”

A charter member of the George Eastman Circle, Ram has provided annual support to the College and the Debate Union, of which he was an enthusiastic member as an undergraduate student. Now he’s an impassioned advocate.

“Debate incorporates improvisation, critical thinking, and other communication skills that help you develop confidence as a speaker. I think everyone should have to take a class in debate at least once in their life,” said Ram, who, after a 10-year stint with Goldman Sachs, is currently running a manufacturing business in Chennai, India.

Ram credits earning the job at Goldman Sachs to his University experience, which is among the many reasons he is grateful to the University, including being able to return to India and give back to his native community. 

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