Tyler Kieft '09

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Tyler Kieft '09

San Francisco, CA
“I joined the George Eastman Circle because I wanted to help future students and provide greater opportunity.”

"Our reasons to give are often intensely personal; I feel very grateful to the University of Rochester for the opportunities it presented me, both during school and post-graduation.

Rochester never said 'no' to me. I was able to major in Engineering, play a sport, study abroad in Australia, and spend an extra, tuition-free year studying music theory.

In my final year at school, the engineering department bought out an entire plane and sent our class to Columbia for the day so we could attend a large career fair - which happened to be the place that I met my future co-founder. I started a business right after graduating, willing to take risks because Rochester's open curriculum had given me the confidence to make difficult decisions, and able to because I had received merit aid and was not saddled with debt.

I give back to the University of Rochester through the George Eastman Circle not only because I feel incredibly grateful to have had these opportunities, but because I want other students to have all of the same opportunities and feel like they have limitless potential during their undergraduate years."

Supports: Hajim School of Engineering & Applied Sciences, Newman Community at the School of Arts & Sciences