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Imagine Your Legacy

From the River Campus and the Medical Center to the Eastman School of Music and the Memorial Art Gallery, you will find legacies in the form of named spaces, permanent endowed funds for scholarships, fellowships, and professorships, and a host of other important and unique ways.

Wilson Society members are those who have shown a long-term commitment to supporting the University by establishing a planned gift of any designation—unrestricted or restricted; current-use or endowed—to any school, department, or unit within the University.

Wilson Society members are helping us plan for tomorrow. Your membership gives voice to your vision for Rochester’s future, and serves as inspiration for others. By planning a gift, you create an opportunity to make an indelible mark on the University and ensure your legacy.

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We are enjoying here the fruits of a thoughtful and even visionary sowing, and it is our responsibility to call on our own vision and to do our own planting for generations to follow us.

—Joe Wilson, 1965

“In 1972 I joined the University as the first dean of the School of Nursing. Peggy warmly welcomed me to Rochester with open arms. The Wilsons’ influence had created what I would call a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship at the University. The values Peggy and Joe embraced were imbued in us right in the beginning. That helped me a great deal as a dean, because the whole environment was permeated by these values.”

Founding Dean and Professor Emerita, School of Nursing
Former Interim Dean, Warner School of Education
Founding Member, Wilson Society