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Perpetuating Faculty Excellence

Alumni of all ages continue to recall the experiences they had with professors who mentored and inspired them, challenged them to face tough questions head-on, and encouraged them to take risks in the pursuit of new discoveries.

University of Rochester professors are the scientists and clinicians who make groundbreaking discoveries in medicine; they are world-class musicians; they are distinguished scholars and preeminent leaders in their fields. They are the embodiment of the University’s motto Meliora, “ever better”—never settling for the world the way it is.

An endowed professorship is among the highest honors the University can give a faculty member and recognize excellence in teaching, research, and clinical work. They help retain current and attract new preeminent faculty members, from around the world, by allowing us to provide competitive salaries, benefits, and research support that ensures the University is able to continue to offer a world-class education.

The University of Rochester holds the belief that great universities are built professorship by professorship, creating an enduring link between our faculty’s excellence and its benefactors.

G. Bingham Powell

G. Bingham Powell, Jr., Ph.D.
Wilson Professor of Political Science

Marie Curran Wilson and
Joseph Chamberlain Wilson Professorship Fund

Established in 1961, the Wilson Professorship Fund supports several endowed professorships as directed by the University’s Board of Trustees. Faculty members in the disciplines of biology, economics, optical physics, electronic imaging, political science, history, and medicine have held the distinction of being Wilson Professors.

“Rochester must be able to attract to its faculty additional men and women of outstanding intellectual vigor. Such persons will be attracted, in part, by the quality and potential of the University itself; in part, by the eminent professors already on campus; and in part, by the University’s ability to compete financially.”

Joseph C. Wilson, “The Future of the University” speech, 1968

U of R River Campus

Sustaining a World-Class University

Faculty support through unrestricted gifts enables the University to immediately meet its most pressing needs. These gifts also provide the University the freedom to take advantage of unexpected opportunities to advance faculty members’ research or help them be more effective through upgrades to their classrooms and resources.