Health Care

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What is “Medicine of the Highest Order”?

It’s an unceasing pursuit of better ways to train health care providers, cure diseases, and bring hope to patients in their time of greatest need. And it is the foundation of UR Medicine.

Composed of leading institutes, departments, and numerous Centers of Excellence, the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC) has an unwavering focus on its patients and their families. The URMC’s nationally ranked physicians and clinicians in pediatric and cancer care, cardiology, neuromedicine, and other critical areas employ novel approaches to treatment, such as telemedicine and interdisciplinary team initiatives.

Rochester investigators are utilizing their strengths in translational research to build on a history that includes the world’s first cancer vaccine, as well as the Hib and Prevnar vaccines, and landmark discoveries in heart care, Alzheimer's, spinal cord injury, arthritis, and muscular dystrophy.

Grateful patients and forward-thinking individuals are enabling the University to break new ground, revolutionize treatments for a wide range of diseases, and ultimately, deliver on our promise to make the world “ever better” through medicine.


Wilson Community Pediatrics Fund
Established in 2014 by the Wilson Foundation, the Fund will provide critical private, unrestricted support to seed and expand the Medical Center’s Division of Pediatrics’ outreach work that has the greatest impact on the Rochester community. It will also provide the division’s leadership with the flexibility to react to the most urgent needs and promising opportunities for the region’s vulnerable children and their families.

“Because our society is advancing so vigorously, so rapidly, the community and the nation are constantly searching for the most creative brains available, the best trained people, and the best facilities for research. In all of these areas, this community, Rochester, and other cities throughout the world, are turning to their universities.”

—Joe Wilson, University and Community Speech, 1960

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Sustaining a World-Class University

Unrestricted giving provides a vital source of funding that enables the Medical Center to address its most pressing needs as they arise. By providing funding of this type to one or more of the Medical Center’s many schools or units, you are helping to improve facilities and support the faculty and caregivers within them.