Founding Members

We gratefully acknowledge those who have established life-income plans or included the University as beneficiary of their estate. Founding Members have ensured a legacy now and for the future. 

*Updated August 23, 2019


Joy Abbott
Dr. Mark J. Ablowitz ’67 and Enid Ablowitz
Dr. George N. Abraham
Dr. David Abrams ’71E, ’76E (MM), ’80E (DMA)
Edward J. Ackley ’53, ’64S (MS) and Agnes V. Ackley ’54*
Jacqueline Stemmler Adams ’67, ’80 (MS), P’82, P’84, P’93 and Dr. James T. Adams P’82, P’84, P’93*
Carol T. Aldridge ’45E, ’50E (MM), P’74E, P’75E
Dr. Peter Alexander ’65E
John S. Alterman
Carol H. Anderson
Jeffrey G. Anderson ’79S (MBA)
Lois A. Anderson
Dr. Porter W. Anderson Jr.
Norma J. Andzer and Arnold L. Andzer*
Carl Angeloff ’53 and Pamela Angeloff
Alva H. Angle and George M. Angle*
Helen L. Aponte ’66N and Stephen Aponte
Kenneth L. Appletree ’65 and Julia G. Appletree
Dr. James V. Aquavella and Catherine Aquavella*
Patrick Aquilina
Ethel J. Armeling ’49E, ’50E (MM)
Dr. William G. Armiger ’78M (Res)
Michael F. Armstrong ’63
Dr. Harold T. Arneson ’68M (MD) and Martha A. Arneson
Everett Samuel Ascher ’57
Marilyn Ashman ’62W and Jeremy B. Ashman ’62, ’64 (MS)
Dr. Mariane Bafile ’85D (Den), ’87D (Den)
Dr. Dorothy F. Bainton ’60M (Res) and Dr. Cedric R. Bainton ’58M (MD)
Douglas P. Baird ’50
William Balderston III and Ruth Balderston*
Nathaniel P. Baldwin ’61, P’98
Dr. Arthur S. Banner ’65, ’69M (MD) and Dr. Barbara F. Banner ’69M (MD)
Maeluise Barkin
Bobbe M. Barnes ’67
Albert Barr ’56
Dr. Jean Barr
Bruce B Bates
Alan R. Batkin ’66, P’90, P’94 and Jane E. Batkin P’90, P’94
Robert C. Batson ’67
Dr. Myron C. Beal ’42 and Esther Beal ’45*
Dr. Douglas J. Beck ’75 (MA), ’79 (PhD) and Constance Beck
Dr. Edwin D. Becker ’52
Joel S. Beckman ’76 and Shari L. Beckman ’77
Jeanne M. Beecher and Walter J. Beecher*
Dr. Janet M. Begun ’75, ’78 (MA), ’80 (PhD)
Nancy B. Beilfuss and Harry R. Beilfuss*
Matthew G. Bell
Dr. John M. Bennett and Carol R. Bennett
Josephine K. Bennington ’62E (MA) and Dr. James L. Bennington
Dr. Richard Berg ’64
Dr. Gary S. Berger ’69M (MD) and Barbara M. Berger
Dr. Bradford C. Berk ’81M (PhD), ’81M (MD)
Philip R. Berk
Helen H. Berkeley
Marc A. Berlow ’88S (MBA)
Edith M. Bernard P’93, P’95
Meredith G. Bernstein ’68
Barbara A. Betlem Ringuette ’64 and Lee T. Ringuette
Helen Beveridge and William F. Beveridge ’51, P’86*
Dr. Martin Billik ’55 and Crownie Billik
Mary Lee Monroe Birmingham ’50
Sandra J. Bishop and William E. Bishop Jr.
Dr. H. Marshall Blann and Carolyn F. Parrish
Laurence H. Bloch ’75, P’13 and Cindy C. Bloch P’13
Susan Bloch ’64 and Dr. A. Leonard Bloch ’50*
Dr. Richard D. Blondell ’78M (MD) and Marjorie Blondell ’83N (MS)
Eric E. Bloom ’72 (MS)
Leslie Blumberg ’84S (MBA) and Susan F. Blumberg
Robert Boni ’79 and Diane R. Boni ’84
Nancy J. Bonner and Dr. John F. Bonner Jr. ’40M (MS), ’48M (PhD)*
Dr. Stephen W. Borrus ’69 and Dorit L. Borrus
Allen C. Boucher
Lisa M. Bower and Donald P. Bower
Nancy N. Boyer ’75N ( )
Merri Boylan ’68
Paul S. Boylan ’63, P’90, P’95 and Loretta Boylan P’90*
Dr. Prudence K. Bradley ’84 (MS), ’88 (PhD)
Dr. Christine Branche ’83
Paul A. Brands ’66S (MBA) and Susan Brands
Betty Z. Breslau and Dr. Roger C. Breslau ’65M (Res)*
Carol A. Brink ’56N (DPL), ’62N
Dr. Elizabeth A. Brinkman ’56
Dr. James D. Brodell Sr. ’83M (Res) and Ann Brodell
Dr. Linda Brodell ’81M (MD), P’10, P’11 and Dr. Robert T. Brodell ’79M (MD), ’81M (Res), P’10, P’11
Joae Brooks Walker ’50, ’54M (MD)
C. William Brown ’61, P’88 and Judith H. Brown ’61, P’88
Dr. Karen H. Brown ’61, ’72 (PhD), P’92
Robert W. Bruml ’76, P’08
Dr. Robert C. Buckingham ’53M (MD) and Thelma Buckingham
CPT Patricia M. Bull ’74N
Jerald D. Bullock ’45, ’47 (MS) and Barbara Bullock ’46
Carolyn Keith Burr ’78N (MS)
Dr. William G. Bush ’67 and Suzanne L. Bush
Dr. David H. Bushell ’68, P’00
R. Gary Butler ’91S (MBA) and Karen J. Butler
William L. Cahn ’68E and Ruth P. Cahn ’68E
Catharina M. Caldwell ’66E
Dr. Robert L. Caldwell ’61M (MD), ’69M (Res) and Dr. Elethea H. Caldwell ’73M (Res)
Dr. David C. Campbell ’71M (MD) and Ines G. Campbell
Dr. Theresa J. Canada ’76, ’89W (EdD)
John J. Canning ’63
Jacques Carbonneau
Donna Karsh Carlson ’81
Margaret J. Carnall
William M. Carpenter P’12 and Mary C. Carpenter P’12
Kenneth D. Carper ’79E (MM) and Carol J. Carper
Myra Carrier ’56, P’90, P’91, P’95 and Dr. Robert H. Carrier ’58M (MD), ’66M (Res), P’90, P’91, P’95
Dr. Ronald L. Carter Sr. ’59E, ’10E (HNR)
Stuart H. Carter ’82E (MM)
Dr. Frank S. Caruso ’61M (MS), ’63M (PhD)
Dr. Wayne F. Cascio ’74 (PhD)
Joyce Castle ’66E (MM)
Jack G. Caton ’73D (MS), ’73D (Den)
Dan Champlin and Kellene Champlin
Mark H. Chaplin and John Strawway
Dr. Derek D. Chapman ’62 (Flw) and Janice Chapman ’56*
Roberta A. Chapman and Robert D. Chapman*
Dr. Harriet R. Chase ’54E (MM)
Judy Chase
Ann Chaudron
Dr. Lawrence N. Chessin ’58 and Rita R. Chessin
Dr. Wendy S. Chiado ’81
James A. Chin Sr. P’93 and Barbara A. Chin*
Dr. Richard A. Chizzonite ’78M (PhD) and Dr. Lynna M. Lesko ’74M (PhD), ’77M (MD)
Dr. Thomas D. Chmielewski ’70
Dr. Donald M. Christie Jr. ’64, ’68M (MD)
Lou Cinelli
Dr. Hugh Clark ’67M (Res)
Dennis Clements ’72M (MD) and Martha Ann Keels
David L. Cleveland ’71 and Dr. Ella L. Cleveland ’71W, ’72W (MA)
Mary T. Close P’84 and Richard N. Close ’43, P’84*
Gerald S. Cohen ’65
Dr. Larry J. Cohen ’66 and Jane Z. Cohen ’67
Dr. Herbert E. Cohn ’60
Dr. Ronald J. Cole ’62M (MD) and Charlotte S. Cole
Dr. Joseph J. Colella Jr. ’62, ’66M (MD) and Mena M. Colella ’62E
Dr. Theresa M. Coletti ’73 (MA), ’75 (PhD)
Mary K. Collins ’84N, ’86N (MS) and J. Christine Wilson
Edwin I. Colodny ’48 and Nancy Colodny
Dr. Luigi Colombo ’81 (PhD) and Sumico Colombo ’69W (EdM)
Dr. John J. Condemi and Carol R. Condemi*
Ann B. Connellee and William L. Connellee ’46*
Dana R. Consler
Mary R. Contrino and Frank Contrino*
Corinne M. Coplan ’58
Catherine A. Corey ’61, ’62N and Jack C. Corey Jr. ’60, ’60*
Dr. Mary E. Costanza ’68M (MD)
Lillian A. Courtheoux ’40
Gregory A. Cox ’71E
Kevin G. Crane and Madonna M. Crane
Dr. David W. Crellin ’61, ’65W (MA), ’68W (EdD) and Barbara M. Crellin ’63W
Bruce L. Crockett ’66 and Marla Crockett
Dr. Cynthia A. Crosby ’60
Mary G. Crowe
James F. Crum ’56
Dr. Neil H. Cullen ’64 and Elizabeth Weingart Cullen ’66
Donald T. Culley ’58
Joseph M. Culotta ’46, ’59 (MS), P’89 and Mary Jane J. Culotta
Janice Cummings ’48 and Harvey J. Cummings*
Andrea Cunningham and Joseph F. Cunningham ’67 (MA)*
Dr. Alan E. Curle and Dr. Andrew London
Elizabeth S. Curtis ’50 and Donald N. Curtis ’45, P’74*
Jane W. Curtis and Dr. G. Graydon Curtis ’58*
Patricia Cusack ’57 and Dr. William E. Cusack Jr. ’52*
Robert D. Cushing ’58
Jeanine S. Cushman ’63W and John C. Cushman III
Adrienne Frances Dahl
Dr. Roswell G. Daniels ’47M (MD)
Robert N. Dardano Jr. ’77
Joseph N. Darweesh ’61 and Judith Darweesh ’63
Paresh J. Davda ’74S (MBA)
Linda W. Davey ’53 and R. Bruce Davey ’51*
Dr. Richard J. Davey ’69M (MD)
Dr. Philip Davidson and Margaret B. Davidson
Dr. Roberta Dayer ’57 and Dr. Roger S. Dayer
Dr. John S. Deacon ’70M (MD)
Judith Dean Rose and William W. Rose
Dr. Kenneth E. DeHaven and Jean L. DeHaven
Dr. Paul J. Desjardins ’76D (Den) and Catherine F. Desjardins
Sherwood I. Deutsch
Dr. David A. Diamond ’78M (MD), P’09
Dr. Douglas B. Diamond ’71 and Alice Ten Broeck Diamond ’71
Richard J. DiMarzo
Noel Dingman ’55 and Dr. C. Wesley Dingman ’59M (MD)
Dr. Morris S. Dixon Jr. ’51M (MD) and Jill Dixon*
Mary Nicol Shenk Dodd ’50E, ’53E (MM)
Dr. Douglas F. Dompkowski ’95D (Den)
George C. Doomany Jr. ’76 and Norman P. Goldblatt
Charles A. Dowd Jr. ’69S (MBA)
Francis J. Drago ’54
Dr. Eric M. Dreyfuss
Jo Anne H. Duke ’52, ’53N
Carol J. Duquette ’85, ’03S (MBA), P’18
Dr. Frederick Dushay ’61M (Res)
B. Andrew Dutcher ’72
Dr. Concetta M. Duval ’57, ’73W (MA), ’78W (EdD)
Dr. Charles P. Duvall ’62M (MD), ’64M (Res) and Nancy A. Duvall*
Dr. Ann E. Dwyer
Dr. Charles Eil ’68 and Adele G. Eil
Mr. Andrew Eiseman ’79 and Brian Braa
Dr. David Eisenberg ’56M (Res), P’85 and Anna M. Eisenberg ’77N (MS), P’85
Dr. Richard S. Eisenberg and Marcia Eisenberg
Ms. Martha Kirchenbauer Ellison ’66E, ’68E (MM)
Dr. Richard P. English ’65
Dr. Andrew E. Epstein ’77M (MD)
Ruth Epstein P’94 and Dr. Marvin A. Epstein ’48M (MD), P’94*
Dr. Carlo Ercoli ’19S (MBA), ’96D (Den), ’97D (Den), ’98D (Den), ’12D (Den) and Katia Azevedo
Norma Erdle and Jack A. Erdle*
Jean L. Esselink ’66E and Bernard Esselink
Dr. C. McCollister Evarts ’57M (MD), ’64M (Res) and Nancy L. Evarts ’54N (DPL)*
Gisela Evitt ’50, P’75
Donald H. Evory and Jean Evory ’49, ’50N, ’60W (MS)*
Dr. Eric D. Ewazen ’76E
Mario P. Falcao ’71E (MM)
Dr. Stephen A. Falk and Mrs. Marcia K. Falk
Sherman Farnham Jr. ’72S (MBA) and Anne M. Farnham
Lynn Farrar and Neil Farrar
Dr. Thomas R. Fashinell ’68M (MD) and Kathleen Fashinell
John D. Fassett ’48
Dr. William W. Feaster ’76M (MD) and Sandra J. Feaster
Dr. Bertram E. Feingold ’68M (MD), ’70M (Res), ’75M (Res) and Betty A. Feingold
Cary M. Feldman ’71, P’01 and Nancy J. Feldman ’73, P’01
Dr. Richard F. Fenno Jr. ’06 (HNR) and Nancy D. Fenno
Dr. Bernard T. Ferrari ’70, ’74M (MD) and Linda Ferrari
Ronald H. Fielding ’73 (MA), ’76S (MBA), ’18S (HNR), P’14
Dr. Milton J. Finegold ’59M (MD) and Dr. Jan Goddard-Finegold
Dr. Carl G. Fischer Jr. ’64M (MD) and Joyce D. Fischer
Elizabeth B. Fisher ’50, ’70W (MA) and Donald C. Fisher ’45, P’76*
John R. Fisk ’62 and Carolyn M. Fisk
Mary Eleanor Flatley and Dr. F. Joseph Flatley ’54M (MD), ’59M (Flw)*
Susan A. Flow ’81N
Thomas J. Foley and Deborah Foley
Richard Forbes and Suressa H. Forbes*
Dr. John H. Ford Jr. ’01M (Res)
Dr. Loretta C. Ford ’00N (HNR) and William J. Ford*
Dr. Ernest H. Forman ’64 and Mary Ann S. Forman
Allison L. Formicola and Peter D. Formicola*
Patricia A. Forrester ’12N
Jonathan D. Foster ’59
Dr. Thomas H. Foster ’88 (MA), ’90 (PhD)
Bud B. Frame ’53 and Peggy M. Frame*
Jean R. France
Dr. Charles W. Francis ’79M (Flw), P’04 and Dr. Anne B. Francis P’04
Barbara L. Frank and Bernard A. Frank*
Caren G. Frankel ’76 and Dr. Jory G. Magidson ’74
Heidi Friederich
Roger B. Friedlander ’56 and Carolyn T. Friedlander '68 (PNP) ’68N (MSN)
David Friedman ’68 (MS) and Dr. Linda Friedman ’70 (PhD)
Dr. Richard C. Friedman ’66M (MD)
Henry C. Fuchs ’60E and Jo Ann Fuchs
Marion Fulbright
Jo Anne Galloway and The Honorable Harold L. Galloway ’56*
Katherine R. Gamble
Ganatra Family Foundation
Rajesh Ganatra
Tansukh Ganatra and Sarla Ganatra
Dr. Eugene J. Gangarosa ’50, ’55M (MS), ’54M (MD) and Rose C. Gangarosa
Jean Gannett and Dixon Gannett*
Winifred J. Ganshaw ’67
Jerry A. Gardner Jr. ’58, ’65 (MA), P’96
Dr. John H. Gardner III and Anne L. Gardner ’59N (DPL), ’83N*
Michael Garfinkel ’58
Kathy Garmezy ’71
Victoria C. Garzione
Vernon G. Gaskell ’47 and Minnie M. Gaskell*
Georgia L. Gates and Dr. Crawford Gates ’54E (PhD)*
Robert J. Gebel ’56
Steven R. Gerlach ’83
Joanne K. Gianniny and Robert V. Gianniny*
Dr. Bernard R. Gifford ’68M (MS), ’72M (PhD) and Guadalupe Valdes
Joyce T. Gilbert ’58
Dr. Roger M. Gilbert ’80M (MD)
Dr. Steven G. Gilbert ’73, ’83M (MS), ’86M (PhD)
Ms. Linda Gillim ’60
Alan Ginkel and Christine Ginkel
Dr. Alfred O. Ginkel ’44, ’46 (MA)
Myra Ginsburg and Alan Carmasin ’67*
Marcia K. Gitelman ’60, P’85
Gerald L. Gitner ’68S (MBA) and Deanne G. Gitner
Michael C. Glover ’59E, ’63E (MM)
Sally A. Goddard ’58
Robert B. Goergen ’60 and Pamela M. Goergen
Vivien Goh ’69E
Dr. Michael A. Goldman ’76 and Dr. Sally G. Pasion
Dr. Stanley A. Goldman ’57, ’61M (MD) and Frances T. Goldman
Dr. Lowell A. Goldsmith ’02M (MPH) and Carol Goldsmith
Mark E. Goldstein ’78 and Jill A. Goldstein ’79N
Ursula Gonsenhauser
Charles T. Goodhue and Margaret Goodhue
Joseph W. Goodman
Dr. James E. Goral ’71, ’75M (MS), ’76M (MD)
Robert M. Gordon Jr. ’62
Elizabeth M. Gorevic ’70E, P’96
Steven Graham and Diana Graham
Ernest F. Grant
Dr. Gerald N. Graser ’75D (MS), ’72D (Den) and Nancy A. Graser
Grant L. Greapentrog ’59
Francis R. Grebe ’54
Elena L. Greenberg ’79
Gwen M. Greene ’65 and John D. Greene
Alan R. Gregory ’60E
Jean W. Griffith ’49
Norma G. Griffith ’51, ’52N, ’58 (EdM)
Dr. Robert C. Griggs ’70M (Res), ’71M (Res)
Dr. Paul F. Griner ’59M (MD), ’65M (Res) and Margaret L. Griner
Dr. Steven Grinspoon ’88M (MD) and Winnie Sandler
Chip Groat ’62 and Bobbie Groat
Dr. Simone Gronsky Brenner ’67W (MA), ’75W (EdD)
Amelia Grosberg and Stephen M. Grosberg ’56*
Dr. Charles M. Gross ’75M (Flw) and Kathy K. Gross
Mary B. Gulick and Dr. Robert P. Gulick ’57M (MD)*
Dr. Atul K. Gupta ’87
Virendra K. Gupta ’80S (MBA), P’87, P’90, P’91 and Uma R. Gupta P’87, P’90, P’91
Dr. Brett B. Gutsche ’61M (MD)
Dr. P. William Haake ’70M (Res) and Catherine Haake
Dr. Gerald D. Hagin ’70 and Carol Hagin
Edmund A. Hajim ’58 and Barbara E. Hajim
Marian R. Halperin ’46
Robert E. Halstead ’71 and Rosemarie Bezak
Dr. David L. Hamilton ’70 and Dr. Mary Ann R. Hamilton ’70W, ’00E (DMA)
Dr. David L. Hamilton ’70 and Dr. Mary Ann R. Hamilton ’70W, ’00E (DMA)
George W. Hamlin IV P’00E and Mary Hamlin P’00E
E. Pauline Handy ’48
Dr. Margaret A. Hanegraaf ’88E (MM) and Dr. Gregory F. Jacobs
Joseph R. Hanna and Linda H. Hanna
Dorothy Hansen and Henry M. Hansen*
Dr. David A. Hanson ’59
Laurina Mignardi Harper ’56, ’58 (MS) and John T. Harper ’48, ’50 (EdM)*
James B. Harrison and Sharon Harrison
Jane R. Heffron ’71 and Kevin L. Heffron
Dr. David A. Heller ’83E (MM), ’86E (DMA)
Peter H. Helmers ’75
Margaret B. Heminway
Ellen B. Hemming and Daniel W. Hemming ’55*
Dr. Arthur S. Hengerer
Gilbert A. Henner Jr. ’65
Dr. Monica J. Henoch ’76, ’88M (Res)
Barbara E. Herr ’82 (MS)
Dr. H. Raul Herrera ’74M (Res) and Charlotte M. Herrera
Lawrence S. Hershoff ’73S (MBA) and Eleanor W. Mulford
Alan F. Hilfiker ’60 and Carol S. Hilfiker ’60W*
Dr. W. Dulany Hill ’68D (Den)
Dr. Diane G. Hillman ’70
Dr. Bette G. Hirsch ’64 and Joseph Hirsch
Dr. Laurence J. Hirsch ’74 and Mary E. Hirsch
Dr. Immanuel K. Ho ’84, ’88M (MD)
Bernard Hoffer ’57E, ’58E (MM) and Leni L. Hoffer*
Joan Hoffman ’55 and J. Nelson Hoffman ’55*
Dr. Marvin J. Hoffman ’45, ’50M (Res), P’77 and Nancy Yanes Hoffman ’50, ’68 (MA), P’77*
William B. Hogan and Geraldine R. Hogan*
Dr. Neil D. Hollyfield ’78D (Den) and Nancy S. Hollyfield
Louise Holmes ’59N (DPL)
Nancy A. Holowka
Arthur M. Holtzman Jr. ’43
Dr. Gerald R. Holzwasser ’61M (Res) and Edith G. Holzwasser
George R. Hood ’69
Marjorie T. Horner and Dr. Frederick A. Horner ’47M (MD)*
Eric D. Horodas ’75, P’05 and Linda Horodas
Dr. Lansing C. Hoskins ’54M (MD)
Carol P. Howansky and Carroll A. Howansky ’54*
Dr. Elaine C. Hubbard
Margaret Hubbard P’12
Dr. Donald R. Huene ’59M (MD), ’67M (Res)
Mary Lou Huff and Jerry Huff*
Joanne Hume-Nigro and Ronald J. Nigro
Dr. Laura M. Humphrey ’69, ’70 (MA), ’81 (PhD) and Raymond M. Humphrey*
Donna L. Huntington and Dr. Robert W. Huntington III ’64M (MD)*
Frank A. Interlichia P’12, P’14 and Linda E. Interlichia P’12, P’14*
Dr. Laurence S. Jacobs ’65M (MD) and Dr. Katherine M. Jacobs ’64M (MD)
Harvey H. Jacobson ’82S (MBA) and Angela Jacobson
Sue A. Jacobson ’75
Dr. Glenn A. Janus ’62 and Bridget M. Janus
Joseph G. Jaspers ’71
Nicholas Jenkins ’81, ’89S (MBA)
Dr. Allan D. Jensen ’65 and Claire Jensen
Georgine Johnson P’85 and Halford B. Johnson ’52, P’85*
Dr. Jean E. Johnson
Nan H. Johnson ’60 (MA) and Dr. James W. Johnson
Nan H. Johnson ’60 (MA) and Dr. James W. Johnson
Darrell L. Johnston ’53E (MM) and Helen S. Johnston
Michael E. Jones ’76 and Diane Jones
Dr. Ralph F. Jozefowicz ’82M (Res), ’85M (Res), ’86M (Flw)
Michael F. Kaminski and Jill E. Kaminski
William A. Kaplin ’64 and Barbara A. Kaplin
Ronald S. Kareken ’74S (MBA)
Carol D. Karp ’74, P’11 and Victor Glushko P’11
Dennis M. Karr ’67
Dr. Stephen L. Kates ’89M (Res) and Amy Kates
Dr. Walter M. Katz ’70 (MA), ’71 (PhD)
Marilyn W. Kayser
Rosemary S. Kean ’68N
Shirley Kearns and David T. Kearns ’52*
Shirley Kearns and David T. Kearns ’52*
Robert J. Keegan ’72S (MBA), ’10S (HNR) and Marilyn D. Keegan
Stephen M. Kelley and Susan S. Kelley
Frances B. Kende and Andrew S. Kende*
Nancie R. Kennedy ’79E (MM)
Margaret Kennell P’74, P’82 and Dr. John H. Kennell ’44, ’46M (MD), P’74, P’82*
Dr. Alan J. Kent ’76
Erik H. Kibelsbeck ’92E
Richard E. Killmer and Sidney W. Killmer*
Donald V. King ’64E, ’65E (MM) and Linda W. King
Molly King and Dr. Robert B. King ’46M (MD)*
Dr. John C. Klahn ’57, ’60M (MD) and Mona F. Klahn ’60, ’60, ’77S (MBA)
Beth A. Kleiman ’80
Dr. Gail Klein-Haft ’63M (MD)
Edmund T. Klemmer and Ruth Rickers Klemmer ’48*
Dr. David N. Kluge ’54M (MD) and Beverly J. Kluge
Mark E. Kluge and Wendy L. Kluge
Ann D. Knapp ’56 and Richard Knapp
Ronald B. Knight ’61
Mary M. Koegel and Robert B. Koegel
Dr. Martin W. Korn ’66M (Res), P’88 and Phyllis S. Korn
Dr. James W. Kosnik ’79E (DMA)
Dr. Alan J. Kozak ’65, ’69M (MD), ’72M (Res)
Stephen D. Kramer ’68
John F. Kraushaar and Barbara Kraushaar
Dr. J. Mitchell Kreher ’85D (Den), ’87D (Den)
Dr. Nicole Krein ’75M (Flw) and Gerald Lyons
Joel H. Krenis ’77 (MA)
C. Richard Kriebel ’44 and Marjorie W. Kriebel ’44*
Marianne M. Kroon and Tom Kroon
Ann M. Kubarek ’84
Diana R. Kurty
Frank A. La Cava ’52E and Janet La Cava ’52E
Mr. Martin Lacoff ’71S (MBA) and Cheryl Lacoff
Dr. John J. LaFerla ’77M (Res) and Susan D. LaFerla ’85 (MA)
Evans Y. Lam ’83, ’84S (MBA) and Susanna Y. Lam
Dr. Joseph N. Lambert ’59 and Mr. Harold B. Schleifer
Dr. Lynn B. Lamkin ’85E (DMA)
Louis G. Lange III ’70, P’07
Elizabeth K. Lansdale ’47 and Bruce M. Lansdale ’46*
Marcia A. Lapham ’69
Molly S. Larson ’67N
Thomas LaRusso
Jay Last ’51, ’11 (HNR) and Deborah Last
Robert N. Latella and Christine S. Latella
Ramsay C. Lawless and John L. Lawless*
Daniel G. Lazarek ’91S (MBA) and Natalie C. Lazarek
Barbara Lazor and John Lazor ’51*
Carol Leblanc and Richard Leblanc*
R. Wayne LeChase and Beverly A. LeChase
Mary Louise Nortz Leene ’50 and Robert H. Leene ’50*
Arlene Leenhouts P’78, P’85 and Norman P. Leenhouts ’56, P’78, P’85*
Richard A. Leibner ’59 and Carole Cooper Leibner
Dr. Norman A. Leister ’58 (PhD) and Jean Leister Papieski
Sally J. Leiter and Robert C. Leiter
Dr. Melanie L. Lenard ’65
Peter Lennie and Frances Lennie
James B. Leonard ’85
Dr. Austin R. Leve ’49, ’53M (MD), ’58M (Res) and Doris Leve ’51E, ’54W (EdM)
Dr. Alexander A. Levitan ’63M (MD), P’96 and Lucy Levitan P’96
Dr. Paul C. Levy ’86M (Res), ’89M (Flw), P’08, P’11, P’14, P’18, P’22 and Robin A. Levy P’08, P’11, P’14, P’18, P’22
Carol Ann Lewis Yeaple ’61, ’65W (MA)
Dr. J. Cary Lewis ’72E (DMA) and Dorothy H. Lewis ’69E (MM)
Pamela McQuilkin Lewis ’62 and T. C. Lewis ’60
Dr. James Chen-Min Li
Donald H. Liebich ’64 and Marcia Liebich
Amy C. Lill
Dr. Eric T. Lincke ’54, ’57M (MD) and Constance M. Lincke ’57, ’58 (MA)*
Dr. Arthur E. Lindner ’54M (MD)
Sylvia F. Linke ’75
Gail A. Lione ’71
Dr. Arnold L. Lisio ’56, ’61M (MD) and Dr. Anne Moore Lisio
Jerold B. Lisson ’64 (MS)
Wm. A. Little
Dr. Julia Lobotsky ’46M (MS)
James F. Loftus Jr. ’75
Dr. Anne-Marie M. Logan
Dr. Wende W. Logan-Young ’66M (Res) and William J. Young III*
Dr. Frank W. LoGerfo ’66M (MD) and Judith M. LoGerfo
Janet C. Loughry and Dr. Richard W. Loughry ’60M (MD)*
Anne C. Loveland ’60
Leslie M. Loysen ’60 and Sharon R. Loysen
Dr. Gerald Lucovsky ’56, ’58 (MA)
Frank E. Luellen Jr. ’52, P’84 and Cricket F. Luellen P’84
Dr. Norman L. Luka ’69M (MD), ’76M (Res), ’77M (Res) and Kristina Taylor Luka
Dr. Evelyn M. Lutz ’55N, ’63
Irene Lytwyn
Dr. James T. MacGregor ’71M (PhD) and Dr. Judith A. MacGregor
Dr. Herbert I. Machleder ’62M (MD), P’01E and Karin K. Machleder P’01E
Joseph P. Mack ’55
Nancy M. MacWhinney ’53N and Dr. James B. MacWhinney Jr. ’54M (MD)*
Richard M. Magere ’72 and Kathleen M. Magere
Michelle K. Mann and Stephen L. Atterbury
Dr. Ahmed H. Mansour ’00D (Den), ’02D (Den), ’06D (Den) and Dr. Lilliana Barillas
Dr. Kishore B. Marathe ’71 (MA), ’71 (PhD)
Dr. James T. Martin ’77
Dr. Joseph B. Martin ’71M (PhD), ’96M (HNR), P’92
Dr. William B. Martin P’94E and Dr. Yvonne C. Martin P’94E
Dr. Dean C. Marvin ’73 and Laura Marvin
Dr. John H. Mather ’64 and Roberta Mather
Richard N. Matties ’63 and Marianne Matties
Melva Max and Dr. Theodore C. Max ’54M (MD), ’61M (Res)*
Anne B. Mayer ’59E (MM)
James W. Mayer ’82
Dr. Paul J. Mayer ’69M (MD) and Elizabeth F. Mayer
Theresa B. Mazzullo
Kevin J. McCabe ’66S (MBA)
Dr. Rebecca A. McCord ’76E (MM), ’85E (DMA)
Annabeth McCorkle and Henry V. McCorkle Jr. ’52E*
Jean H. McCreary ’77 and Gregory A. Franklin
Dr. Thomas K. McInerny and Beverly McInerny
Dr. Jim S. McKelvey ’65 and Carol R. McKelvey
Ann McNabb ’51 and Dr. Neal A. McNabb ’54M (MD)
Dr. Keith A. McNabb ’82E (DMA) and Julia McNabb
David D. McNair ’56 and Marcia H. McNair ’56
Carolyn McPherson ’55, ’58 (MA)
Jean A. Meier
Dr. Dean F. Melville ’70, ’73M (MD), ’76M (Res)
Laurie H. Merz ’86E
Martin E. Messinger ’49, P’82 and Joan Messinger P’82*
Dr. Cyril Meyerowitz ’80D (MS), ’75D (Den) and Shula Meyerowitz
Dr. Andrew W. Meyers ’70 and Lee Meyers
Dr. Joseph M. Miano
Charles W. Miersch ’70S (MBA) and Jill Pranger
Arthur R. Miller ’56, ’08 (HNR)
Dr. Herbert R. Miller ’62, ’64W (MA)
Marilyn Miller and Dr. Aaron Miller ’50M (MD)*
Theodore L. Miller ’62, ’76 (MS)
Mr. Donald M. Millinger ’76 and Mr. Gary Clinton ’73
Dr. Drew M. Mittelman ’68, P’05 and Maureen T. Adduci P’05
Deanne Molinari ’58
Mary Ann Monley and William D. Rice
Charles Moon
Dr. Anne S. Moore ’70, ’74M (MD)
James C. Moore and M. Geraldine Biddle Moore
Philip M. Morace ’81
Dr. John Moran ’71M (Res)
Jack W. Morrissey ’70S (MBA)
Dr. James A. Muir ’60 and Karen K. Muir
Richard I. Mulvey
Dr. Charles R. Munnerlyn ’69 (PhD) and Judith G. Munnerlyn
Dr. Craig B. Murchison ’65 and Dr. Pamela W. Murchison
Kathleen A. Murray ’74
DR Stuart B Mushlin ’69
Dr. Beverly A. Myers ’57
Dr. Roger P. Napier ’64 (PhD)
Dr. Philip S. Nash ’73 and George A. Schutt ’72, ’88S (MBA)*
George C. Nebel ’60 and Nancy L. Nebel ’60
Andrew H. Neilly Jr. ’47 and Janet D. Neilly
COL Ethel A. Nelson ’50, ’53N
Karl E. Nelson ’59
Dr. Richard B. Nelson ’84E (PhD) and Dr. Beth P. Nelson ’82E (MM), ’88E (DMA)*
Pamela M. Ness and Paul M. Ness
John Newhall
Seiko Newman and Dr. Robert G. Newman ’63M (MD)*
Lester D. Nichols ’56 and Joyce E. Nichols ’56*
Ellen Niemi ’60E and Stan L. Niemi
Elizabeth M. Nolan ’78N (MS)
Dr. Moya L. Nordlund ’77E, ’80E (MA) and Dr. Thomas Nordlund
Judith M. Norman ’58
John A. Norris ’68 and Kathleen M. Norris ’68W
Stuart E. Norris ’55 and Carol Norris ’54*
Faith Barnum Norton ’39, ’40N
Francis A. Novak III
David Nowatka
G. Dennis O'Brien P’93 and Judith A. O'Brien P’93
Suzanne Jagel O'Brien ’59
Wilmer P. O'Connell ’61 and Mary Lou O'Connell*
Denis J. O'Leary ’78
David R. Ocorr ’51
Henry P. Offermann and Stafford Lyons
Mildred T. Onken ’47, ’48 (MA) and George M. Onken*
Susannah S. Onwood ’67E
Harold D. Osborne P’92 and Diane Osborne P’92
Robert M. Osieski ’77, ’78S (MBA)
Dr. Mark R. Osman ’63
Dr. Charles H. Packman ’73M (Res) and Dr. Dana M. Packman ’85W (EdD)*
Dr. Vivian A. Palladoro ’76W (MS), ’97W (EdD)
Dr. Larry G. Palmer ’61E (MM), ’63E (DMA)
Michael W. Palumbos ’93 and Victoria Palumbos
James A. Panzetta and Cynthia D. Panzetta
Ronald J. Paprocki ’69, ’86S (MBA) and Cathleen L. Paprocki
Dr. Barnett R. Parker ’72S (MS), ’76S (PhD)
Dr. Frederick B. Parker Jr. ’58, ’62M (MD) and Virginia B. Parker ’61
Dr. John H. Parker ’61, ’68M (PhD)
Pauline P. Parks ’40, P’64 and Nathaniel G. Parks*
Karen D. Parysek ’82
John G. Paton ’59E (MM)
William M. Patterson ’80E (MM)
Judith Pearson ’58 and Dr. C. Arthur Pearson ’60M (MD)
Dorothy R. Pecoraro ’69W (MA)
Dr. Donald P. Pederson ’46, ’50 (MS), ’51M (MD)
Dr. Jane V. Perr ’80M (MD)
Dr. Thomas J. Perun ’63 (PhD)
Cathy J. Peters ’81N (MS), ’00N (PMC)
Judith E. Peters ’62, P’89 and Dr. Donald H. Peters ’62, P’89
Dr. Dale L. Phelps and Dr. Charles Phelps P’94
Nancy M. Phillips
John R. Piccirilli and Dawn Piccirilli
Joyce T. Pickering ’61
Noah Pizmony-Levy Drezner ’00
Dr. Kathleen C. Plum ’73, ’76N (MS), ’93N (PhD) and Robert T. Plum
Dr. Marvin Pomerantz ’59M (MD) and Margaret Pomerantz
Sharon M. Porcellio ’79 and Joseph P. Kubarek ’79
Natalie Potter ’56
Robert J Potter ’57 (MA), ’60 (PhD)
Dr. James S. Powers ’77M (MD) and Martha E. Wettemann
Dr. Howard R. Pratt II ’60, ’62 (MS), ’66 (PhD)
Dr. Theresa Pace Pretlow ’66M (PhD) and Dr. Thomas G. Pretlow II ’64M (MD)
Francis L. Price ’74, ’75S (MBA), P’14 and Nita L. Price P’14
Cynthia Proano
Dr. J. Edward Puzas ’74M (MS), ’77M (PhD)
Dr. Jeffrey A. Raffel ’66 and Joanne T. Raffel ’66
Dr. Nancy G. Rathbun-Ramsey ’85 and Milton Ramsey
Barbara C. Rayson ’45, P’71
Joan E. Reals ’55E, P’91
Dr. Michael A. Recny ’79 and Catherine R. Sullivan
Carol R. Reed and Barbara Phelan
Ronald M. Rettner and Karen Rettner
Nancy K. Rice ’58
Arthur M. Richardson and Jane F. Richardson
Barbara N. Richardson and Dr. H. Norman Richardson ’54M (MD)*
Dr. Susan Bleyler S. Richardson ’58, P’90
Dr. Ramon L. Ricker ’73E (DMA) and Judith S. Ricker ’76E, ’81E (MM), ’91S (MBA)
L. Gerald Rigby ’67
Ronald E. Rigby ’70 and Dr. Cynthia R. Rigby ’70
Donald Rivoli
Nancy S. Robbins and Daniel H. Robbins*
Dr. Carlyle J. Roberts Jr. ’54M (PhD) and Sally Roberts
Dr. Matthew R. Robinson ’98 and Dr. Melissa Summers
Stephen E. Rogers ’90S (MBA)
Sally Rohrdanz ’45
Mark L. Rose ’64 and Susanne M. Rose ’65
Judith F. Rosenberg ’68E, ’70E (MM)
Rabbi Seymour J. Rosenbloom ’66 and Cindy Rosenbloom
Elise Rosenfeld ’60W, P’92 and Dr. Stephen I. Rosenfeld ’59, ’63M (MD), P’92*
Dr. Randy N. Rosier ’77M (MS), ’78M (MD), ’79M (PhD) and Michael A. Robertson
Dr. Donald C. Ross ’55
Terri F. Ross ’55 and Herbert F. Ross*
Jerald J. Rotenberg ’52 and Clare E. Rotenberg
Dr. Karl S. Roth ’62
Rosemary Ann Roth RN ’75, ’79N (MS)
Dr. Daniel J. Rubin ’56
Dr. Peter E. Rubin ’67M (MD)
Dr. Judith Lehman Ruderman ’64, ’66W (MA)
Judith E. Ruiz ’77
David A. Russo ’75 and Valerie A. Torrens ’75
Wallace R. Rust
Andrea B. Ryan ’77N
Dwight F. Ryan ’65S (MBA) and Cynthia Ryan
Joan D. Ryan
Richard A. Ryder MD ’56, P’83 and Kay Hatton Ryder ’57, P’83
Dr. George B. Sabine
Dr. Olle Jane Z. Sahler ’70M (MD), ’77M (Flw) and Dr. Carl P. Sahler Jr. ’70M (MD), ’76M (Res)
Dr. Ronald S. Sambursky ’92D (Den)
Kathleen Sandberg and Dr. Craig Sandberg
Dr. John C. Santos ’65M (MD) and Dr. Julia Martinez-Santos
Robert U. Sattin ’70 and Rhonda W. Sattin ’71
Dr. Robert A. Scala ’56M (MS), ’58M (PhD), P’80 and Janet C. Scala ’55N, P’80
Robert A. Scharmer P’16
Karl Scheible ’04S (MBA) and Linda Scheible
Dr. Neil R. Scheier ’88M (Res)
Maureen E. Schild ’71
Dr. Frederick J. Schindler ’57
Dan M. Schlieben ’64E
Louise M. Schloerb and Dr. Paul R. Schloerb ’44M (MD)*
Fredrick Schmidtmann
Jane E. Schmitt ’43
Dr. Raymond A. Schneider ’48, ’52M (MD)
Dr. Charles M. Schoenfeld ’60
Robert A. Schonbrunn ’63
Dr. Nina F. Schor and Dr. Robert H. Schor
Mark F. Schork
Peter S. Schott and Mary Jane Tasciotti
John Schottmiller ’53, P’84 and Anne H. Schottmiller P’84
Andrew Schreer ’73 and Kelleen Schreer*
Timothy O. Schum ’60
Richard A. Schwartz ’63, ’66 (MS) and Vicki Proschel Schwartz ’62
Dr. Heidi B. Schwarz ’83M (MD), ’89M (Res), P’11
Dr. Karl Q. Schwarz ’83M (MD), ’86M (Res), ’89M (Flw), P’11
Dr. Paul M. Schyve ’66, ’70M (MD), ’74M (Res)
Dr. Steven S. Searl ’80M (Res) and Marjorie B. Searl
Dr. George B. Segel and Barbara G. Segel
Lisa A. Seischab ’90E
John M. Seitman and Joan K. Irion
Joel Seligman
Karen P. Selwyn ’67 and Dr. Philip A. Selwyn ’65*
Dr. Lynn G. Seppala ’74 (PhD) and Joan Seppala
Dr. Rene Sevigny Jr. ’55, ’58 (MS), ’60 (MS), ’62 (PhD) and Iris T. Sevigny*
Dr. John H. Sewell and Marguerite E. Sewell ’48N*
Dr. David Shander ’61M (MD) and Karen Shander
Dr. Tracy D. Sharpley-Whiting ’89 and Dr. Gilman Whiting
Charles E. Shepard ’60 and Carol E. Shepard ’61
Stephen W. Shepard ’78S (MBA) and Barbara Shepard
Dr. Floyd A. Short ’58M (MD)
David C. Shuler ’76E
Laura Sias ’47E
Michael A. Sides ’70E
Mark R. Siewert and Marcia P. Siewert
Dr. Carl E. Silver ’56 and Gail F. Silver
Barbara A. Simms
Dr. Gilbert Simon ’62M (MD), P’83
Betty-Carol G. Singer ’62E and Lawson F. Singer
Mary Ann Singer ’57
Dr. James W. Sinko ’69 (PhD)
Robert J. Sinnott ’49
Elinor T. Skinner ’56, P’84
Thomas R. Sloan ’65, ’67 (MS) and Linda E. Sloan ’67
Sara Smith Mason
Edgar A. Smith ’72 and Andy Lopata Smith ’72
J. Michael Smith and Alice K. Smith
Lewis Smith ’73M (MD), ’76M (Res) and Ellen Jarrow Smith ’71
Nancy A. Smith
Dr. Samuel G. Smith ’62M (MD), P’85 and Robin M. Smith P’85
Dr. Robert J. Sokol ’63, ’66M (MD) and Roberta S. Sokol ’64, ’65W (MA)
Dr. Hannah J. Solky ’68M (Res), ’79M (Res), P’96, P’99
Binette R. Solomon ’71
Edward M. Solomon ’60
Mark E. Solomons ’67 and Jill Kent
Dr. Hugo F. Sonnenschein ’61 and Elizabeth Sonnenschein ’61, ’62N
Dennis S. Soter ’72S (MBA) and Evangeline Soter
Theodore Spall Jr.
Charles H. Speirs
Catherine L. Spragins ’60, ’61N
Peter D. Standish ’64 and Lenore Shaw Standish
Eva M. Stauffer and Dr. Donald W. Stauffer ’41E, ’42E (MM)*
Dr. Roy T. Steigbigel ’66M (MD), ’68M (Res) and Sidonie A. Morrison PHD
Jane M. Stellwagen ’47, ’58 (EdM)
Dr. Robert C. Stemsrud ’64M (MD)
Dr. David H. Stern ’73 and Abigail R. Stern ’73
Dr. Philip B. Stoddard ’62M (MD), ’71M (Res)
Dr. Richard J. Stoll ’74, P’06, P’09, P’13 and Dr. Catherine L. Troisi ’74, P’06, P’09, P’13
COL John P. Storz, DMD ’74
David B. Strong ’52, ’64S (MBA) and Grace S. Strong*
Lester D. Strong Jr. ’64
Dr. Gerald L. Strope ’74M (MD) and Christine S. Clark
Joseph M. Sullivan Jr. P’05, P’10 and Marilyn Sullivan P’10
Robert M. Sutherland ’66M (PhD), P’85 and Karen Webb Sutherland ’61N (DPL), P’85
James A. Symonds ’53 and Beverly C. Symonds
Dr. Karl C. Sze ’77M (Flw), P’00, P’10 and Kay Sze P’00, P’10
Reverend J. Richard Szeremany ’54E and Muriel H. Szeremany*
Dr. Hechmat Tabechian ’61M (MD), ’64M (Res), P’94, P’03 and Marjorie Tabechian ’60W, P’94, P’03
Dr. Pamela P. Talley ’91M (MD)
Beth G. Tallman ’84S (MBA) and Dr. Ellis W. Tallman ’85 (MA), ’88 (PhD)
Dr. Mark B. Taubman and Lois B. Taubman
Dr. Jean M. Taylor ’56M (MS), ’59M (PhD)
Dr. Natalie Teich ’70M (PhD)
Dr. Judith Temperley ’57
Dr. Thomas A. Tesoriero ’81M (MD)
Dr. Henry A. Thiede ’45, ’56M (Res)
Scott A. Thomas ’92S (MBA)
Sandra N. Thompson ’94S (MBA) and Bruce Thompson
Helene M. Thompson-Scott ’96N (MS), P’11 and Andrew L. Scott P’11
Suzanne M. Timble ’67
Michael G. Tiner ’77E
Robert W. Titus ’69, P’11
Linda N. Toole ’77N
Sanford Toole
Jane M. Tripp ’54 and Dr. Marenes R. Tripp ’56M (MS)*
Susie Truesdell ’97S (MBA) and Stephen L. Gates
Karen Jonasse Tucker ’73 and Neil Tucker
Dr. Mimi A. Tutihasi ’77M (MD)
Dr. Jane I. Tuttle ’79N, ’84N (MS) and Doug Blue III
Dr. Thomas G. Tuxill ’67M (MD), ’75M (Res) and Sue S. Tuxill
James R. Ullom ’51 (MS) and Nancy Hageman Ullom
Eugene D. Ulterino ’63, P’91 and Gloria L. Ulterino ’62, P’91
Joyce Underberg
Dr. Catherine Valentine and Dr. Paul J. Burgett ’68E, ’72E (MA), ’76E (PhD)*
Roger R. Valkenburgh ’69 and Virginia A. Valkenburgh
Barbara B. Vallone ’71N and Romanio E. Vallone*
Dr. Eugenia Vanek ’74W (EdD) and Dr. John A. Vanek ’74M (MD)
Patricia C. VanKouwenberg ’62, ’69W (MA)
Dr. Robert C. Varney ’66 and Dr. Sandra Varney ’66
Dr. Elsa Verderber(Ludewig-Verdeh) ’58E (MM), ’64E (DMA) and Dr. Walter Verderber
Richard Vetuskey
Carol Vigren and David L. Vigren*
Helen S. Vishniac P’76
Ilene Wallmueller ’74N, ’82N (MS)
Margaret E. Ward ’52E
Dr. Patricia Ward-Baker ’55, ’57 (MA)
Jane C. Watkin ’44, ’45N
George C. Watterworth ’57 and Patricia S. Watterworth
Elizabeth A. Webster and Peter Z. Webster
Jane Wedemeyer and Richard A. Wedemeyer ’58*
Dr. Victorio T. Wee ’69 (MS), ’74M (PhD) and Dr. Maria L. Sevilla Wee ’70 (MS)
Ann D. Weintraub ’60W, ’69W (MA)
Dr. Lowell R. Weitkamp ’62M (MD) and Sally Weitkamp
Tracey T. Welch
Robert O. Welk
Dr. Thelma J. Wells
Roger S. Welton ’53 and Barbara M. Welton*
Dr. Esther H. Wender
Shirley M. Wersinger
Dr. Alan L. Wertheimer ’68, ’74 (PhD) and Judith Jacobson Wertheimer ’69W, ’73W (MA)
Leah A. Westmoreland ’62 and Larry L. Westmoreland
Patricia A. Westwood ’58
Dr. Nancy A. Weyl ’90 (MA), ’90M (MPH), ’91 (PhD)
Ralph R. Whitney Jr. ’57, ’73S (MBA) and Dr. Fay Wadsworth Whitney ’60, ’61N
Dr. Janice F. Wiesman ’80, ’84M (MS)
Elizabeth Wild ’78W (MSE) and Robert Wild
Janice M. Willett ’78S (MBA), P’15 and Joseph T. Willett ’75S (MBA), P’15
Dr. James H. Willey ’61E, ’63E (MM), ’72E (PhD)
Dr. Nathaniel Wisch ’55, P’96 and Helen Wisch P’96
Catharine J. Wise
Helen Wolcott ’55 and Dr. Oliver Wolcott ’55M (MD)
Christopher L. Wood ’89 and Kristin Wood
H. Ross Wood ’79E (MM), ’80E (DMA) and Steven M. Sayers
A. Jean Woodbury
Dr. B. Ann Wright ’63, ’66 (MA), ’77 (PhD) and Willard A. Wright
Dr. Robert G. Wright ’54M (MD), ’59M (Res) and Anne W. Wright
Dr. Steven P. Wyner ’69
Mary Ann Yates ’71
Sybil D. York and Dr. Herbert F. York ’42, ’43 (MS)*
Christina Young ’73
Dr. Matt Young ’62, ’67 (PhD) and Deanna Young ’66 (MA)
Paul M. Yu P’11, P’11E, P’16E and Eileen C. Yu P’11, P’11E, P’16E
Beverly Yudkofsky and Dr. Paul L. Yudkofsky ’63M (MD), ’66M (Res)*
Robert Zavaglia and Nancy Zavaglia
Martin P. Zemel ’63, ’65W (MA), P’02 and Laura L. Fulton P’02
Alan R. Ziegler ’60 and Emily Neece
Anonymous (66)