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Addressing Critical Priorities

Today’s world faces unprecedented challenges in areas as far-reaching as health care, renewable energy and a sustainable environment, improving K–12 education, and the effects of globalization.

Addressing the scale and complexity of these and other problems requires investments in programs and research that move the University’s scientists closer to discoveries that are crucial to developing solutions.

Clinical studies and cutting-edge research at the University of Rochester Medical Center are helping to provide superior health care for less cost, move breakthroughs from the lab to the bedside faster, and rid the world of chronic disease. Targeting and killing cancer cells without harming healthy cells, developing new live-saving cardiac devices, and solving the mysteries of the brain—these are all within reach.

The University’s analytical approach, its history of innovation and entrepreneurship, and its culture of collaboration across disciplines are enabling us to tackle society’s biggest problems. Your legacy could be the support that helps make world-changing discoveries a reality. 


William F. Neuman, Ph.D.
Professor and chairman emeritus of radiation biology and biophysics,
Wilson Professor (1972–1981)

One of the first Wilson Professors, the late William F. Neuman, Ph.D., pioneered skeletal biology through his research work. The scope and impact of Neuman’s scientific contributions are the basis for the oldest and most prestigious award presented by the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research: The William F. Neuman Award. In fact, he is considered the father of orthopaedic research at the University, since many of his graduate students went on to become faculty members in the field of orthopaedics.

“The future depends upon the success of our educational institutions. And the correlative is, that the way to enrich our lives, to make life a good and wonderful thing, is to support those educational institutions.”

—Joe Wilson, Rochester Kiwanis Club’s “Citizen of the Year” speech, 1964

DNA Research Lab

Sustaining a World-Class University

Translating research into products and treatments that benefit humankind has helped the University become one of the most respected research centers in the world. Unrestricted gifts enable us to sustain and improve programs, as well as provide our most promising projects seed money for development or bridge funding to help leverage external support.