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Empowering Exceptional Students

The University of Rochester is known for its rigorous academic instruction, innovative research, and an environment that challenges students to unlock their full potential.

Students who choose to attend Rochester are already inspired, full of ambition, and looking to employ their passion for learning so they can realize their aspirations. They have the drive and commitment, but many of these talented students lack the financial resources to pursue their dreams at Rochester.

That is why student support is one of the highest priorities. The University seeks to ensure that every qualified student, regardless of family finances, can afford to attend. With education becoming even more crucial to our nation’s future, it is essential that we strengthen our endowment and provide permanent support for scholarships and fellowships.

Your gifts position Rochester to continue to attract high performing students, shape a diverse learning community, and educate society’s future leaders in perpetuity.  

Joe Wilson Sr. and Katherine Upton Wilson
Joe Wilson’s parents, Joseph R. Wilson ’03 and Katherine Upton Wilson

Katherine Upton Wilson Scholarship Fund

Created in honor of Joe Wilson’s mother in 1953, the Katherine Upton Wilson Scholarship Fund supports sons and daughters of employees of the Haloid Company (now Xerox). The Xerox employee must have completed three or more years of service for their children to be considered eligible for the scholarship.

“Education is the greatest and most promising single endeavor and the best hope for solutions to our terribly complex problems.”

Joe Wilson, Leadership for Change Speech, 1968

optics student

Sustaining a World-Class University

Independent research, studying abroad, and academic workshops are just a few examples of opportunities that enrich the University experience. These are also examples of student initiatives that are supported by unrestricted gifts—the funds that allow the greatest curricular and experiential needs to be met, and the lifeblood of the University.