Ways to Give

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Investing with your heart

A planned gift to the University is one of the easiest ways to ensure the greatest and most lasting impact on the programs you care about. These gifts qualify you to become a member of the Wilson Society and ensure the areas you care about most continue to thrive at the University well beyond your lifetime.

Gift planning can help you integrate your personal and family financial goals with your desire to support the University of Rochester. There are several creative ways for you to enjoy increased personal income and security, while providing vital, long-term resources for students, teaching, arts, culture, patient care, and research.

Deferred Testamentary Gifts

You can make a gift in the future by creating a plan that directs the executor of your
estate (or the manager of your funds) to transfer assets to the University on your behalf.

With the assistance of your attorney, establish a provision for the University in your will or living trust.

  • Direct your support to any area, school, or unit that you choose.
  • Make the University a beneficiary of a percentage of the remainder of your estate after debts and taxes are paid.
  • Designate a specific amount or a particular asset such as U.S. Savings Bonds, securities, real estate, art, or other tangible personal property.

Discussing your specific objectives and plans with the Office of Trusts and Estates ensures the
University is able to accept your thoughtful gift.

Retirement Assets
Name the University as a beneficiary on the form provided by your retirement assets manager. Review the form with your attorney to discuss how a retirement asset gift can be incorporated in your plan. Retirement assets that pass directly to the University are preserved 100 percent free of tax. Your estate is also eligible for a charitable tax deduction.

Life Insurance

  • Gift the policy by making the University owner and beneficiary, for which you may be eligible for a charitable income tax deduction.
  • Name the University as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy.

Life-Income Gifts

Between charitable trusts, gift annuities, and other vehicles, the University of Rochester currently invests and manages more than $100 million for its beneficiaries, who enjoy the same excellent financial management expertise as the University’s endowment. 

Charitable Gift Annuity
This simple contract provides fixed income for life for yourself or one or two other individuals. Cash or securities can be gifted to fund a gift annuity. Minimum gift is $5,000. The benefits: 

  • Immediate charitable income tax deduction
  • Potential for a portion of income to be tax-free
  • Partial avoidance of capital gains tax, if funded with appreciated securities
  • Income can be immediate (typically age 50+) or deferred until retirement

Charitable Remainder Unitrust
Cash, securities, real estate, life insurance, or personal property can be gifted to fund a trust. These trusts are managed within the University endowment which provides beneficiaries access to diversity and alternative investments. This option provides variable income for life or a term of years for one or two individuals and possibly another generation. Minimum gift is $50,000. The benefits:

  • Immediate charitable income tax deduction
  • Minimum payout is 5 percent
  • 100 percent avoidance of capital gains tax on the transfer, if funded with appreciated securities
  • Revalued annually per investment performance, providing opportunity for growth in income

Other Opportunities

Real Estate

  • Gift the University your home while retaining the right to enjoy it for life. Your lifestyle remains the same as long as you live there with the added benefit of a charitable income tax deduction. When you no longer need the home, it will be sold to fund a designated purpose of your choosing at the University.
  • Gift your home to fund a charitable remainder unitrust, tax-free. This also preserves more of the value for your charitable interests and provides a stream of income to you for your lifetime or a term of years.
  • Gift your home outright for maximum charitable deduction.

Charitable Lead Trusts
The University receives income for a term of years with the corpus going to you or your heirs.


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