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Making Your Internship Possible

Summer Internship Funding

Through the generous support of alumni donors, students can apply for summer internship funding. Grants currently range from $1,000 to $2,500, and applications open in early March. Students must have an internship confirmed prior to application.

Other Ways to Make It Work

Understanding your goals, the realities of the industry you’re interested in experiencing, and your financial situation are important as you begin your search. Internships can be completed during the academic year, over the summer, for payment or not, for credit or not. They can be full-time (in summer), part-time, or project-based. They may happen close to your home or offer you a chance to relocate to another city.

Additionally, there is sometimes outside funding opportunities for research, community service, or entrepreneurial experiences. Don’t limit your support search to the University. Students in the past have even successfully crowd-funded experiences.

Internship Housing Providers

If you’re relocating to complete an internship there are local organizations or housing providers (including colleges and universities) that target interns. The list below features some housing resources: