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IORA Super Users

IORA Super Users

Super User Responsibilities

Super users are volunteer representatives from various departments and are a critical part of our program. Super users:

  • Are CLASP-certified
  • Will communicate important messages back to the departments and share feedback with the project team
  • Have signed up to assist with either Business Processes, Training, Testing or Communications – see sub-teams below

IORA Super Users Sub-Teams

Business Process Team – led by Anthony Beckman (ORPA) and Karen Smith (University IT)
Donna Beyea ORPA
Shelley Burns Biochemistry and Biophysics
Jen Goodwin LLE
Jennifer Harman Surgery
Mary Lyons Clinical and Translational Science Institute
Michelle Sellix Biology
Kristin Smith CMSR and Orthopaedics
Rosalyn Smith Pharmacology and Physiology
Tiffany Totman CMSR and Orthopaedics
Training Team – led by Brenda Kavanaugh (ORPA) and Jen Carlson (ORPA):
Sharon Aten ORPA
Amanda Augustin Department of Pediatrics
Tracy Forrester Neurology
Donna Galloway SMD Finance
Elisabeth Krebs Neurology
Bonnie Lipari Biomedical Engineering
Erin Schmidt Public Health Services
Testing Team – led by Terrance Collins-Howard (University IT) and Karen Smith (University IT):
Barbara Baisch Public Health Services
Stefanie Fingler Vaccine Biology & Immunology
Crystal Holm ORPA
Pam Iadarola Cancer Center SMH
Maria Karvounidis Eastman Institute for Oral Health
Jenni Oliver Physics and Astronomy
Martha Mantel Preston Pediatrics
Andrea Pellegrino Psychiatry
Andy Rueby Wilmot Cancer Institute
Rebecca Ruston Department of Environmental Medicine
Charlene Sinclair ORPA
Dana St. Aubin Nursing
Toby Stroud Nursing
Francine Summermatter Pharmacology and Physiology
Emily Weber OBGYN
Cheryl Williams ORPA
Communications Team – led by Gunta Liders (ORPA) and Meg Giaconia (University IT):
Melissa Napolitano Radiation Oncology
Molly VanWyk Warner School


Resources for Super Users can be found here.

Updated: 9/22/20