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Strategic Planning Initiatives

Supporting the Mission

Center for Research Computing
University researchers have identified significant deficiencies in our current approach to research computing. This initiative responds to a broadly supported faculty recommendation to create a University-wide research computing center to address deficiencies, support interdisciplinary synergies and discipline-specific work, as identified in the overall University plan.

Teaching, Learning and Technology Roundtable
Opportunities are often realized through innovation and collaboration. This initiative outlines the establishment of a University-wide faculty community for envisioning how technology can enable the learning environment of the future and respond to anticipated growth.

Electronic Medical Records
The Medical Center strategic plan has identified information technology as a strategic imperative to achieve its goals of advancing patient safety, quality of care and research opportunities. This requires implementing a modern Electronic Medical Record (EMR), an Electronic Health Record (EHR), a clinical data warehouse (CDW), a modern web platform, and a Patient Health Record (PHR).

Developing Enabling Systems

Fix Our Web and Email Environment
Communications at the University is a Presidential priority. Overall, the legacy communications architecture is antiquated, uncoordinated, and insecure. This initiative addresses the modernization of our web environment and the future direction of our 40+ independent email systems.

Administrative Systems Strategy
The University's financial and student administration is supported by legacy systems that are 20+ years old. To mitigate the risk inherent in this reality, we need to begin replacement of the financial systems and continue life support and select enhancements of the student systems. Planning for the replacement of the student systems should begin during the next five years. This initiative includes the continued expansion of our integrated reporting solution (data warehouse).

Coherent Electronic Identities
Today's modern relationship with the University is complex and comprised of many independent roles—admissions candidate, student, alumni, employee, faculty, patient, and donor, to name a few. This initiative will establish a coordinated identity for every community member. This will address the University's inability to interact with an individual in a coordinated way, improving targeted communications, supporting interdisciplinary collaborations, and strengthening development efforts.

Solidifying Infrastructure

Embracing an Institutional Security Program
Given the distributed and necessarily open nature of higher education, securing the privacy of information presents unique challenges. Expanding vulnerabilities and growing compliance requirements add to the complexity and risk. This initiative calls for the development and implementation of a comprehensive IT security program.