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URgmail FAQs

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Who is eligible to receive a URgmail account?

Any part-time or full-time matriculated undergraduate, Eastman graduate, and Warner graduate student is eligible for a URgmail account.

How do I log in to my URgmail account?

Visit the URgmail login page and enter your NetID and password. If you have not set up your NetID and password yet, visit the University Account Initialization page to get started.

I have forgotten my email password. How do I have it reset?

Visit the NetID page to reset your password.

What is my official URgmail address?

New accounts follow this structure:

How do I set up my URgmail account with a "" alias?

Follow this tutorial.

I have first.last forwarding set up, but still see my address on my URemail page. Is my first.last forwarding not working?

Your first.last alias will not show up in the top right corner of your URgmail interface, but that's okay — your first.last forwarding will still work. If it does not work, contact the the IT Help Desk at 275-2000 or for assistance.

I already have a non-school account with Gmail. Can I put all of my messages into one Inbox?

Yes, you can. You will need to add the account first (either non-school into URgmail Service, or vice versa), and then add the imported account as a new personality (so that you can send messages from one inbox). Detailed instructions are available.

How do I forward my URgmail messages to another Gmail account?

Google provides instructions for enabling forwarding. Please be aware, however, that if you set up this forward, ALL messages received by your URgmail inbox will be forwarded to your separate Gmail inbox unless specific filters are utilized.

How do I make URgmail my default email application when clicking email links in a web browser?

Google provides instructions for setting URgmail as your default email application.

How can I be certain that my URgmail session is completely logged out?

All you need to do is click “Sign Out” before closing your browser.

What happens to my URgmail account after I graduate?

Your URgmail account remains active indefinitely and can be used after you graduate.