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Access and Read SecureMail

pdf icon Step-by-step instructions: Receiving and Reading SecureMail (PDF)

Voltage-secured email arriving at Voltage federation email boxes will be decrypted automatically with no login or special action required by the recipient. This includes University email addresses ending in the following:


Secured email arriving at other email boxes (including other University email boxes) requires that the recipient be registered for the SecureMail service. If not currently logged in, the recipient must provide a password before SecureMail will decrypt the secure message.

  • Recipient must register for the University SecureMail service. The recipient will be prompted with the first email. The recipient’s web browser must have JavaScript enabled in order for this web page to display correctly.
  • To read the email, the recipient must open the attachment named "message_zdm.htm". If already registered, the recipient will be prompted for the password created during registration.

Further Instructions