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Network Registration

The University of Rochester network is provided for the University of Rochester community. The network is only as secure as its weakest link. No matter how robust our security systems are designed to be, any single computer connected to the network that is not patched, does not run antivirus, or is otherwise compromised can become the victim of an attack and infect other computers on the network.

The goal of network registration is to register each computer connected to the wired network in order to better protect University information and resources. In the event that a device is causing network or security problems, network registration will provide University IT with the ability to more quickly resolve the issue and ensure the safety of other computers on the network.

Registering for Network Access

1. Open a web browser (such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari) and navigate to a website (such as  You will be redirected to the Network Registration website as seen below.

NOTE: If you navigate to a site that begins with https (such as, you will receive a certificate warning. You will need to accept the certificate or navigate to a different website before being redirected to the Network Registration website.


2. This screen requests your UR Active Directory (AD) username and password. If you need to setup or reset the password for your UR AD account, you may do so by going to If you are affiliated with the University of Rochester Medical Center, you may use your URMC-SH account; you will need to enter the account in the format of

3. Enter your user name on the first line and your password on the second line, then click Submit. If you have questions about your user name, contact your department's network/system administrator or call University IT at (585) 275-2000.

4. After successfully logging on, you may be prompted to install the Safe•Connect Policy Key software agent. Note you will need to have administrator rights to install the Safe•Connect Policy Key software agent.

Policy Key Installation Information

  • Installation information for Windows
  • Installation information for Mac

More Information

See the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section for additional information about network registration.

If you need further assistance with myIdentity or network registration, please contact University IT at 275-2000 or