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University WebEx

University WebEx conferencing allows up to 200 people to simultaneously view a single screen image via the web. This service allows individuals to attend meetings, presentations, training seminars, and more from any location with a computer and internet connection.

How does it work?

  • A meeting host distributes a web link to participants, who click on the link to join the University WebEx session. Once connected, the host can share his or her computer desktop with all connected users or pass the lead to another connected user.
  • University WebEx conferencing utilizes the AT&T conference calling service (see Teleconferencing for more details, including costs) to enable University WebEx hosts to initiate a teleconference call along with their University WebEx session. This allows attendees to participate in discussions with the host and other meeting attendees.
  • Upon ordering a University WebEx license, you are provided with a Named Host account, which allows you to log into the University WebEx service, schedule new meetings, and review all scheduled meetings. Additionally, University IT will create an AT&T conference call to accompany your meeting.

What are the limitations? 

  • Each University WebEx Named Host account may only have one active conference at a time.  It is the responsibility of the Named Host account holder to monitor and manage scheduling for his or her account.
  • There is no limit to the length of a single conference.
  • While University WebEx conferences can accommodate up to 200 simultaneous users, the AT&T conferencing service can only accommodate 125 simultaneous users. If your needs for teleconferencing exceed this number, please contact University IT for alternative teleconference options.

Which operating systems are supported?

  • University WebEx is supported with Windows, MAC OS, Linux, Unix and Solaris operating systems.

How much does it cost?

  • Each Named Host account is $565 per year, billed annually. Accounts renew automatically and remain active until a request for cancellation is submitted.

What support materials are available? 

How do I order?

  • To order a University WebEx account, submit an Information Technology Service Request Form to University IT requesting a University WebEx account. Forms may be submitted online at

If you have questions about this service, contact the University IT Help Desk at (585) 275-2000 or