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Make the LEAP Day Promise

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University Electronic Cleanup 

Sponsored by the Data Security Task Force

Wednesday, February 29, 2012 (1:00PM – 3:00PM suggested time)

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The Data Security Task Force encourages everyone at the University to set aside two hours on Leap Day for electronic file cleanup. Taking time out of this extra day will help make your computer and your life more efficient and secure.  Follow the simple steps below to begin, and reference the University’s Data Retention Policy  for further guidance.


1.  Arrange your Inbox by SIZE (largest to smallest).

  • Save important attachments to your hard drive or a network drive and remove them from emails.

2.  Arrange your Inbox by AGE/RECEIVED (oldest on top).

  • Not sure how? Follow the same procedure as in step 1, this time sorting by age/received
  • Scan your oldest emails.  Is the material still relevant and worth keeping?
  • Storing data for too long in your email account makes it more susceptible to hackers.

3. Follow steps 1 & 2 for your Sent Mail folder.

4. Always remember to empty your Junk Email and Deleted Items folder!

Use the following links for additional information on how to manage your email.

OUTLOOK/ZIMBRA (view "Managing Your Email" on sidebar) or check out the IT Helpdesk Knowledge Base (use your NetID if prompted) for tips on email and calendar clean up.


Similar to email cleanup, organize the files on your computer by size and age.  Keep in mind the following points:

  • Items sent to your trash are still taking up space.  Always remember to empty your TRASH or RECYCLE BIN!
  • Your DOWNLOADS folder (from Internet sources) may contain large and/or personal files.
  • Be sure to check all places you store files, such as the Desktop, Documents folder, and all drives (including internal, external, or flash drives).

Freeing up space on a shared drive is not only efficient for you, but is also beneficial for everyone.