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TAP Frequently Asked Questions

What is Targeted Attack Protection (TAP)?

Proofpoint's Targeted Attack Protection (TAP) helps protect against and provide additional visibility into phishing and other malicious email attacks.

Why is the University adding this service?

The University has experienced an increased number of phishing attacks. We have implemented TAP as one of the tools to help prevent phishing and spear phishing attacks from being successful.

Why is the link pointed to

In brackets at the end of every link, you will see the domain the link will take you to. If you want to see the entire URL, you can hover over it and see it appended to the end of 

When you see this, it means the link was rewritten because it looks suspicious.

I'm getting a "Website has been blocked" message when I click on a link in an email. What does that mean?

This indicates a website has been found to have malicious content on it. It has been blocked to protect the University's network and computers.