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Microsoft DreamSpark

DreamSpark logoDreamSpark is a Microsoft program that supports technical education by providing access to Microsoft software for learning, teaching and research purposes. University of Rochester students and faculty can download some Microsoft tools and applications through DreamSpark at no cost, including Visual Studio Professional, Windows servers, and SQL servers.

How to Use DreamSpark

  1. Login to the University's DreamSpark Store with your NetID and password.
  2. When you find the product you want, put it in your shopping cart by clicking the Add to Cart button.
  3. Click the Check Out button. You will be presented with the Microsoft End User License Agreement.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the license agreement and click “I Accept”. All amounts charged will read $0.
  5. Scroll to the bottom again, and click the Proceed with Order button.
  6. In the middle of the receipt page, click the Start Download button.
  7. Install the Secure Download Manager (SDM).
  8. Once you've installed the SDM, download the .SDX file that contains your free software.

If you have any questions about DreamSpark, please contact the AS&E Faculty Support Specialist.