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Firewall protection needed in an enterprise environment is very different from the "all or none" firewall block common in home networks (a user can easily buy and install a firewall that blocks all internet traffic and provides protection in a home-based computing environment). Home solutions do not address the more complex needs of an enterprise solution. University IT is providing the expertise to define and adjust filtering based on department criteria or precedents developed for other University departments.

A firewall protects machines from any unwanted traffic. It keeps hackers with malicious intent from gaining access to the protected machines. It prevents many types of "denial-of-service attacks" - attempts to render computers and networks unusable by keeping them busy with useless network traffic. And a firewall can prevent others from learning useful information about and from the protected computers; this information would be used to attack the computer(s) and stored information.




University IT skilled and professional staff will provide 24x7, 365 days a year, support and eliminate single points of failure that can occur when administrators leave the university, leave the department, or are otherwise unavailable. We will consult with you to design and install a firewall solution for your environment based on industry best practice. We will then work with you as time goes on and modify the firewall as needed, offloading the complexities of firewall operation and ensuring the integrity of the security offered by the firewall.


Departments maintain their primary custodial responsibility for decisions about the data and its protection. Within 24 hours, requests are reviewed and fulfilled if there are no engineering conflicts. Engineering reviews that may indicate conflicting firewall rules or other non-recommended methods will be reported to the department's network administrator or liaison on the next business day.


This service also includes daily monitoring of logs to ensure that there were no exception conditions that would have created a service impact. Additionally, the service is monitored 24x7x365 by the IT Center(comprehensive and complex monitoring equipment) to ensure its health in real time.


Capital costs and upgrades are included at no additional charge.




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