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University Communications

Faculty Experts Directory

Computers and Technology

Mark F. Bocko

Areas of expertise: Superconducting electronics, quantum computing, musical acoustics, digital audio technology, sensors

George Ferguson

Areas of expertise: Artificial intelligence; intelligent agents: agent communication languages, agent architectures; user interfaces: speech recognition, natural language understanding, dialogue, conversational agents

Eby G. Friedman

Areas of expertise: VLSI circuits and systems, CMOS circuits, synchronization, clock distribution networks, interconnect noise, signal integrity, speed/power/srea tradeoffs, high performance digital and analog VLSI/ICs

Henry Kautz

Areas of expertise: Artificial Intelligence, Technology for the Elderly

Randal C. Nelson

Areas of expertise: Computer Visual Systems, Computer motion and object recognition

Michael Scott

Areas of expertise: parallel and distributed computing, concurrency and synchronization, operating systems, programming languages, transactional memory

Gaurav Sharma

Areas of expertise: Multimedia Security, Color and Digital Imaging, Visual Sensor Networks, Genomic Signal Processing, Technology Transfer

Hui Wu

Areas of expertise: Integrated circuits and systems, high speed and RF electronics, UWB radios, high performance clocking, silicon photonics