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David Primo

Ani and Mark Gabrellian Professor, Associate Professor of Political Science and Business Administration
Arts, Sciences, and Engineering

Department of Political Science

Areas of expertise: Campaign finance, airline safety and security, government spending and budgets, judicial appointments, legislative rules, and corporate strategy in politics

Press contact:
Monique Patenaude
(585) 276-3693

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News Releases

Political Scientist David Primo Named First Recipient of the Gabrellian Professorship
November 09, 2012

Bold Suggestion by Political Scientist Could Fix Federal Budget Mess
September 27, 2007

Book discussion about airline crashes, security at airports, and the public's fear of flying with David M. Primo, author and assistant professor of political science at the University of Rochester
October 30, 2003

Voters' Trust Not Tied to Campaign Finance Laws, Researchers Say
October 30, 2003

David Primo can speak on a broad range of American political science topics, including corporate strategy in politics, government spending, budget deficits, legislative rules, Presidential and Senate battles over judicial nominees, campaign finance laws, campaign spending, and the politics of airline safety and security. Professor Primo is the co-author of The Plane Truth: Airline Crashes, the Media, and Transportation Policy, and the author of Rules and Restraint: Government Spending and the Design of Institutions.

Video Highlights

David Primo: Constitutional Rules to Curb Spending Bloomberg News