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December 2006/January 2007

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Inside Higher Education (January 16)

The New Size of Critical Mass

In recent years, many liberal arts colleges have inched upwards in size, with student bodies that were once 1,200 hitting 1,500. . . . Now it appears that similar growth spurts are hitting research universities that are on the small side for that sector. The University of Rochester is making plans to increase its faculty size and undergraduate enrollment by about one-fourth ...

students in greenhouse

CBS News (December 19)

Sustainability Gains Status on Campuses

[S]weeping the academic world is Walden Pond 101: the art of living in a sustainable manner. . . . At the University of Rochester in New York, a new optics lab will have stairwells designed to absorb heat and radiate into the building to reduce heating costs.

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About Research and Faculty

U.S. News & World Report (January 12)

Options Probes Take a Toll

Investigations into backdated stock options have rocked more than 100 companies in the past two years. Over 50 top execs have been fired. Still, manyanalysts insist the scandal won't have any lasting effect on stock prices. They are wrong, says a group of researchers from the University of Miami School of Business, the University of Rochester's Simon Graduate School of Business, and Forensic Economics.

ABC News (December 26)

Aging Schwarzenegger Should Enjoy Full Recovery

"The message that is really out there now is that, as a society, I think we are coming to view the aging years very differently than we did before," says Regis O'Keefe, director of the musculoskeletal research center at the University of Rochester Medical Center in New York. "We have a desire in the population to maintain high levels of function." And continuing medical advances should help support this desire, he says.

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About Students

snapshot from webcam

USA Today (December 4)

Backstory: Look, Mom, It's Me. I'm OK!

Webcams have been a fixture on college campuses for close to a decade . . . But this year . . . a small number of campuses also deploy[s] the cameras in a new way: as a digital tether to parents eager for live glimpses of children on their own for the first time. . . . At the University of Rochester Web site, visitors home in on three open-air spots at the student union: the "Hi, Mom! Balcony," the "Hi, Mom! Bridge," and the "Hi, Mom! Closeup."

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