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Editor's note: The Arun Gandhi controversy generated a great deal of press attention and therefore was covered in a separate clippings report, now available through University Communications.

Washington Post (January 27)

Heftier Aid at Elite Colleges Draws Praise, Rebukes

"The 99.95 percent of us who attend or work at other colleges have to deal with the agenda Harvard sets, but we shouldn't have to applaud or pretend we admire it," said Jonathan Burdick, dean of admissions and financial aid at the University of Rochester. (Also reported by Charleston Daily Mail West Virginia)

Democrat and Chronicle (January 27)

UR Medical Center plan takes community effort (editorial)

overview logo for Medical Center strategic plan

Corporate strategic plans are maps drawn with greater conviction than certainty. They present a clear direction, with deep analysis and understanding informing every step, but the future's too unpredictable to allow the permanence of ink. The University of Rochester Medical Center's five-year plan should be seen in that light. The mission is thoughtfully delineated and laudable. If by 2012 the goals have been met, there will be more good businesses here born of UR research, more high-paying jobs, more ancillary economic revival attributable to the medical center's growth. The medical center has an intense desire to be on the cutting edge of care and research. This plan is a compelling expression of that ambition.)

New York Times (January 16)

What to Expect When You’re Free Trading (op-ed)

In the days before Tuesday's Republican presidential primary in Michigan, Mitt Romney and John McCain battled over what the government owes to workers who lose their jobs because of the foreign competition unleashed by free trade...
Steven E. Landsburg, a professor of economics at the University of Rochester, is the author, most recently, of "More Sex is Safer Sex: The Unconventional Wisdom of Economics." (Also appeared/referenced in Chronicle of Higher Education, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Korea Times)


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