Radio personality and arts writer Michael Lasser will tackle the subject of frivolous but lovable musical comedies set on college campuses from the late teens to the early 1940s. Broadway made a home for them when Cole Porter, at Yale in 1919, wrote the classic Yale song, “Bulldog, Bulldog, Bow-Wow-Wow, Eli Yale.” After Porter left New Haven for Broadway, says Lasser, fictional colleges like Atwater, Tate, and Winsocki were all the rage in song.

“Collegiate! Collegiate! Yes, We Are Collegiate: When Broadway Musicals Went to College” is the first in this fall's continuing series of Tea Talks sponsored by the University of Rochester River Campus Libraries. The talks are presented on selected Sundays in a casual atmosphere with tea and biscuits. Convenient parking is nearby on Library Lot.

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