The parking policy for all contractors engaged in summer work on the River Campus will be enforced without exception. Contractors who do not adhere to these policies are subject to regular parking enforcement rules and regulations.  Failure by the contractor to comply may result in the contractor or contractor employee being banned from the campus. University Facilities and Services Administration including project managers will help support the enforcement and communication of parking policies to contractors.


Vehicles – all contractor vehicles that park in the River Campus parking spaces must have a valid parking permit

Registering for Parking – Contractors are required to bring vehicle information including; plate number, make, model and color along with valid Contractor ID badge.

Location – Contractors shall be assigned to the following parking areas during enforcement hours (Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.)

  • Rink Lot

Parking Fees – Contractor Temporary Permit fees and location to purchase:

  • 7-Day – $15.00 (Parking Management Center)
  • Monthly – $50.00 (Parking Management Center)

Parking within Construction Fencing – Contractor parking within construction fencing is limited to construction vehicles.  Personal contractor cars or trucks are not allowed

Enforcement – Vehicles parking in violation of University Parking rules and regulations shall be cited immediately. Vehicle owners shall be responsible for payment of citations. After three citations, the vehicle shall be immobilized. Violations include but are not limited to parking on the grass or sidewalks, fire lanes, traffic lanes, disability parking spaces, and/or reserved parking spaces.