Many employees have questions about the impact of the pandemic on the status of their University parking permits. Below are answers to common questions:


Will parking rates for FY21 parking permits increase?

Answer:  In an effort to support all faculty and staff, the University has decided to keep rates flat. Parking registration for FY21 will be suspended.

I’m on partial furlough.  Will my parking fees be suspended?

Answer:  For those partially furloughed, the University will waive one month’s worth of parking fees. Employees who normally pay for their permits by payroll deduction will see adjustments made in their paychecks during June or July. Those who do not use a deduction, should call the Department of Transportation and Parking Management (DTPM) at (585) 275-4524.

I’m on full furlough.  Will my parking fees be suspended?

Answer:  Fees for fully furloughed employees have been suspended until they return to work.

When I return from furlough, will I be able to park in my same lot?

Answer: Yes, furloughed employees will remain in their assigned parking lot when they return to work.

My permit expires June 30, 2020.  How will I renew my permit?

Answer:  Parking registration for FY21 will be suspended. All active permits in FY20 will remain active in FY21.  Please visit My Parking using your NetID and password to update your personal information.

Will I receive a refund if I was on Leave of Absence or disability during COVID-19?

Answer:  If you were on disability or Leave of Absence please complete our online form
to request a refund.

I participate in the alternative transportation program and have used all of my passes.  Is it possible to request more?

Answer:  If you are an occasional permit holder or a carpooler with an occasional permit, and need additional uses because you have been working during COVID-19 please email the Parking Management Center at to request more passes.

What steps is Zipcar taking regarding cleaning vehicles because of COVID-19?

Answer: Zipcar has upgraded their car-cleaning with antiviral and antimicrobial solutions and deployed incremental sanitizing procedures. They have also promoted additional healthy hygiene and safety practices including hand washing and proper cleaning of work surfaces. They have ordered additional cleaning solutions and protective equipment and created protocols for managing employee health.

I wish to cancel or have cancelled my Zipcar reservation because of COVID-19. Will I be charged a cancellation fee?

Answer: Zipcar is waiving their cancellation fees through May 31, 2020 should their members feel it necessary to change their driving plans, particularly in markets that have issued recommendations for social distancing.