Domestic Student Arrival 8/24 – Impact on Staff Parking

Domestic students are scheduled to arrive on campus and move in to housing on Wednesday, August 24th. This will have significant impact on campus traffic flow and parking on that day. Valentine Lot, all of Zone 3 South (Park Lot) and the entire length of Intercampus Lot will be needed for the move-in process. Those employees who regularly park in these lots will need to park in Whipple Park or LLE (Laboratory for Laser Energetics) Lot and take a shuttle to campus between the hours of 6 am to 7 pm


The shuttle schedule and map with shuttle locations can be found on our website. You may also want to consider taking the Blue Line shuttle as another option. Stops for the Blue Line include Whipple Park, LLE, and Rush Rhees Library.


Any cars left in Zone 3 South (Park Lot) past 11:59 pm on the 23rd, will be towed to the far end of the lot at the owner’s expense.


Employees may want to consider taking Wednesday, August 24th as a vacation day to reduce the load on alternative parking and traffic flow. While there are certainly important departmental functions that must be maintained that day, departments are urged to approve vacation requests that will not excessively disrupt their activities.


The College apologizes for any inconvenience this process may cause, but it is essential that we have an efficient move-in process for our new students. Specific questions related to parking can be directed to the Parking Management Center (PMC) at 585.275.4524