Guidelines for Medical Center Employee Parking


Effective immediately, the Department of Transportation and Parking Management (DTPM) has guidelines for employees parking at the Medical Center campus—please refer to SMH Policy 13-04

When an employee fails to follow University parking guidelines by parking in an employee or visitor area other than their designated area, it is considered a performance issue and will be addressed through the disciplinary process.

To help employees keep accounts clear, DTPM will send regular notifications regarding employees with outstanding unresolved citations. Individuals will be contacted directly each week, with notices also going to managers and supervisors.  Human Resources and Medical Center leadership will also be notified periodically.

If three unresolved citations accrue, the next parking violation will result in a wheel lock, which requires a visit to the Parking Management Center to resolve all outstanding citations before it is removed.

Please remember that following the guidelines is part of URMC’s ICARE culture—employees are responsible for ensuring adequate and available parking for our visitors and colleagues.

Questions? Please contact the Parking Management Center at (585) 275-4524.