Lot 14 – Saunders Research Building, also known as the SRB Lot, is located on Crittenden Blvd.  This Lot contains spaces which are shared with employees and visitors to the Medical Center. See our SRB
lot map

If you are a visitor, please stop at the SRB attendant booth and speak with the attendant for instructions on where to park or pull a ticket to enter the lot.  Medical Center Visitor rates apply for using this lot:

0-30 minutes – FREE
30-60 minutes – $3.00
61-2 hours – $5.00
2 hours-24 hours – $6.00

If you are an employee, an AVI tag is required to enter. If your AVI is missing or not functioning, press the button at the gate to speak with a Transportation and Parking Management representative.

Overflow Parking

If the lot becomes full, signage at the gate will direct you to an alternative lot.You can check real-time parking lot availability online or through the UR Mobile app on a smartphone device.h