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Biking at UR Brochure

Bikes on Shuttles

bike rack

Loading Your Bike

As the bus approaches have your bike ready to load
Remove loose items/accessories before placing bike on exterior rack
Tell the bus driver you are loading a bike
Lower rack, load bike and make sure bike is supported and secured
Sit near the front of the bus to watch your bike

Unloading Your Bike

Tell the bus driver you need to unload your bike
Lift bike off the rack
Return bike rack to folded position


Bike Rack Locations

Bike racks have been strategically placed throughout both the MC and RC
campuses for biker's convenience.  Riding bikes instead of driving to work
offers health, environmental and economic benefits.

MC Bike Rack Location Map (.pdf)

RC Bike Rack Location Map (.pdf)


Covered Bike Cage

Bikes can be stored in our fully enclosed, weather-protected, padlocked bike cage
located on the ground level of the hospital's ramp garage.  For a small
fee, users of this swipe-access cage can also purchase a locker and
shower access to URMC's Fitness & Wellness Center.

Bike Locker                    $40.00
Bike Locker w/Shower   $88.00

To purchase a Bike Cage permit, stop by the MC parking office or contact us at

Greater Rochester Area Bicycling Map

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